Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674
“What are you trying to do, you twat?” Rodney’s expression darkened as he cast Leon a displeased look.
“What do you think? Rodney Spears, you ordered Charlie to harass the Scammells and even injured my grandfather and uncle!
How can I let you exit peacefully knowing the things you’ve done?” Leon sneered.
“What are you going to do about it then?” Rodney snickered at this. If the Dragon Corps had not shown up of a sudden, Leon
would have been incapacitated by the two Guardians by now!
He could not believe that after his narrow escape, Leon had the audacity to go right up in his face and refuse to let them leave!
However, before he could even respond, Patrick stepped forward and said, “Leon, let this go. Now that everything has been
settled, we should let them go in peace.”
Patrick was already grateful enough that the Scammells had barely escaped with the Thompsons and the Dragon Corps‘ help he
did not intend to get his revenge on Rodney!
For one, Rodney had two powerful Guardians with him, and none of them could stand a chance against them!
For two, Rodney was the son of the Southern Boss, and if Leon insisted on retaliating, this would not turn out well for any of
Therefore, the wise decision here was to let things go!
Perhaps by doing so, Rodney might even turn over a new leaf and give up trying to harass them!
“No! We can’t settle things like this! I will make him pay for what he did!” Leon shook his head in determination. He did not agree
with Patrick; he knew that the Spears already had their eyes on the Cynthion Group, and thus there was no way Rodney would
give up just like that!
If he swallowed his pride right then and there, allowing Rodney to go, Leon guessed that it would not be long before Rodney
returned with a vengeance!
On the other hand, if he made Rodney get a taste of his own medicine… The Spears might hold off and stop harassing them!

“Can you even do that? That’s the funniest joke I’ve ever heard! Well, I’d like to see you try!” Rodney burst into laughter, casting
Leon a look of sheer contempt.
“Sirs, Rodney Spears should be arrested in the name of harassment and disrupting civilian peace. Please capture him and
punish him the way he deserves!” Leon turned to gaze at Oliver and Abraham. It was clear that he intended to have the Dragon
Corps punish Rodney instead!
“What?!” everyone was stunned by this, especially Oliver and Abraham.
After all, Rodney had not done anything explicitly wrong, and they could not possibly arrest him without any concrete proof!
However, Leon was their direct superior, and they did not have the guts to disobey him!
They did not know what to do in this situation!
“Who do you think you are, twat? Do you honestly think the Dragon Corps will go around capturing people
just because you say so?” Rodney sneered, turning to shoot Leon an amused glance. He knew that the Dragon Corps did not
like to stick their noses in affairs related to the Gangster World in situations like these, especially more so because he knew he
did not even do anything wrong this time!
Even if he had, his father was the Southern Boss, for God’s sake; the Dragon Corps would not dare to do anything to him so long
as he kept his hands clean!
Leon was out of his right mind, thinking that the Dragon Corps would capture him just because he said so!
However, before Rodney could even finish his train of thought, what happened next shocked him to the core.

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