Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675
“Rodney Spears, please follow us to the Dragon Corps headquarters for questioning!” After a moment’s hesitation, Oliver and
Abraham stepped forward, flanking Rodney on both sides.
“What-” the smile froze on Rodney’s face, but he was not the only one startled by this rest were baffled.
They all turned to gape at Leon, then at the two guards, unable to believe their ears. They had all initially thought that Rodney
was respected and that not even the Dragon Corps dared to arrest him without solid evidence.
However, they never once imagined that Oliver and Abraham would obey Leon’s orders and capture him!
This was unbelievable!
One could only imagine their dismay at this.
“What do you mean by this, Mister Jelphs? I didn’t do anything, so why are you arresting me?!” Rodney snarled, unable to
understand what had gone wrong.
Why were the Dragon Corps guards acting so strange?
“Um…” Oliver and Abraham balked at this. They were just following orders, and so none of them knew how to respond to
Rodney’s questioning.
“Rodney Spears, you’re involved in harassment and attempted assault, so the two Gold Dragon Guards will need to escort you
back for further questioning! What’s wrong with that?” Leon replied coldly.
“Yes, Mister Wolf is right! Rodney Spears, please follow us back to the headquarters for interrogation,” Oliver added, nodding. He
knew that neither of them would be able to capture Rodney in their own name, they were able to do so under the Dragon Corps
and Leon’s orders. They might even be able to keep him in a holding cell for a few days to teach him a lesson!
However, they had to be careful not to keep him in there too long, lest they anger the Southern Boss by doing so!
“You-” the color drained from Rodney’s face as his heart sank. If the two guards were capturing him without evidence, he could
always get his father to stir up some trouble and rat them out to their superiors, but unfortunately, they were just escorting him to
the headquarters for questioning, which was not against the law at all.

As reluctant as he was, there was nothing he could do about this.
“You two are just Gold Dragon Guards, so don’t overstep your boundaries! Master, we shall keep them busy while you run!” The
two Guardians stepped forward to shield Rodney behind their backs.
“How dare you, Fifth Guardian, Sixth Guardian? How dare you disrespect the Dragon Corps?” Oliver and Abraham were
outraged by this.
Unfortunately, they were just Gold Dragon Guards, not Platinum Dragon Guards, and did not have much authority. Not only that
but although Oliver had already attained the Semi Almighty State, Abraham was only at the Emperor State, which placed him at
a significant disadvantage against the two Semi Almighty Warriors blocking their paths!

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