Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678
After settling their affairs, Patrick finally dismissed everyone from this meeting.
Soon, the only people that remained in the yard were Patrick, Leon, and the rest.
“Leon, thank you for what you’ve done… If it wasn’t for your help, none of us would’ve been able to make it out alive…” Patrick
said, bowing to Leon in immense gratitude.
“Don’t flatter me, Grandpa! We’re family, so you shouldn’t have to thank me for this!” Leon quickly helped him up.
“Yes, we’re family, but it would be better if you were willing to leave that other woman and devote your loyalty entirely to Iris,”
Patrick replied with a rather strange expression. After what happened this time, he had changed his mind about Leon.
In the past, he used to think Leon was far less powerful than most men his age, and when Iris claimed that Leon was capable of
slaughtering warriors of the Emperor State, he thought Iris had been brainwashed!
Patrick never once expected that what Iris claimed would turn out to be true!
He could not believe that even Anderson and Bill, two warriors at the Intermediate Emperor State, would fall victim to Leon. This
was a blatant display of Leon’s power more than anything!
Although Leon had managed to triumph with the help of his secret weapons and treasures, it was still an impressive feat to be
able to obtain such priceless treasures at such a young age!
In conclusion, Leon was an outstanding man in many fields including martial arts, medicine, and business. He was certainly one
of the most talented men amongst the younger generation here in the Southern region, and Patrick could not help feeling even
more impressed by this future grandson–in–law of his!
The only pity was that Leon seemed to have trouble settling down and did not seem devoted to only Iris. Patrick was concerned
that Leon would dump Iris out of the blue one day and cause her irreparable emotional damage!
This was certainly the last possible scenario he would want to see!
“Grandpa, I’ve already told you, things between Cynthia and I are not what you think. You’re misunderstanding the situation…”
Leon let out a bitter chuckle.

“Leon, men should be courageous enough to own up to their mistakes, so don’t keep on trying to talk your way out of this! Iris
has already admitted that Cynthia is your girlfriend, so how can there possibly be a misunderstanding?” Patrick snapped,
beginning to get a little annoyed at Leon’s constant denial.
“What?” Roanne could not believe her ears. She knew that Iris was Leon’s girlfriend, but she never once imagined that Leon
would be dating other women besides Iris!
After the last few days, she had grown to trust Leon very much, and he had left a good lasting impression on her, so it was
difficult for her to believe that Leon would do something like this!
However, what happened next shocked her even more.
“Grandpa, Cynthia and I were both willing to share Leon amongst us, and it’s not his fault. Please don’t reprimand him for this…”
Iris quickly explained.
“W–what?!” Roanne widened her eyes in shock. She had been dubious of Patrick’s claims and had been inclined to think that
Leon was not as big a womanizer as Patrick thought, but Iris’s statement proved to be even bigger a shock. She could not
believe that not only did Iris know about the other woman, she even willingly accepted the situation!
This… This was outrageous!
One could only imagine Roanne’s disbelief at this.

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