The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679
“Iris, you can’t be this naive! You can’t possibly continue to tolerate Leon’s infidelity like this!” Patrick was outraged to see how
tolerant Iris seemed to be about Leon’s unfaithfulness. He knew that Leon probably loved Iris more than the other woman.
Otherwise, why would he constantly put himself in danger just to help the Scammells?
Therefore, Patrick insisted that if Iris were to keep a grip on Leon’s womanizing behavior, there was a significant chance that
Leon would turn over a new leaf and choose to be with Iris only!
However, not only was Iris unwilling to do so, she even seemed to be constantly helping Leon seek out Cynthia as though she
wanted nothing more than for them to be together!
This was outrageous, and Patrick could not understand what had gotten in Iris!
“Grandpa, this is between Leon and me, and we will handle it ourselves. Please don’t interfere in our business, okay?” Iris
pleaded. As Leon’s girlfriend, she was naturally unwilling to share her significant other with someone else, but the memory of
Cynthia gradually losing herself to the dark side because of Leon was still fresh in her mind.
Not only that, but ever since she gatecrashed their engagement just to steal Leon away, Iris had always felt a sense of guilt and
remorse towards Cynthia. Therefore, in order to save Cynthia before it was too late and to spare Leon the pain of being caught in
a love triangle, she decided it was best to just suck it up and share their happy ending together!
Wasn’t this the best outcome they could all hope for?
“Y–you-” Patrick glowered at her in sheer rage but knew that there was nothing he could do.
“Let it go, Father! Leon has sacrificed so much for our family, and we owe him our lives. Since he and Iris are doing this of their
own accord, we shouldn’t stick our noses in their business…” Damian piped up.
“Well… Fine! Okay! You can do whatever you like, and I won’t say another word!” Patrick sighed. He knew that Damian was
right; Leon had helped them so many times in the past, and he was the only reason why they managed to foil Rick’s evil scheme
and come out of all this alive.
Even until now, Patrick could not help feeling touched by the memory of how Leon had chosen to stay by their side instead of
escaping while he had the chance.

It would not be an over–exaggeration to say that they owed Leon their lives! If he continued trying to come in between Leon and
Iris‘ relationship, this would be akin to sabotaging the person that had sacrificed so
much to save them!
At the thought of this, Patrick finally came to a decision to give Leon and Iris their blessing.
“Do you mean it? That’s splendid!” Leon was overjoyed to hear this. He had been wondering how he was supposed to go about
this dreadful situation he was caught in. Now, seeing that things had taken a turn for the better, he could not help feeling relieved
by it!
Iris was just as delighted as he was – Patrick was her maternal grandfather, and thus she had always longed for Patrick to
accept Leon wholeheartedly into the family.
The fact that Patrick had finally decided to take a step aside and compromise after seeing Leon put in so
much effort to woo her meant the world to him!
“Don’t get your hopes up too soon, Leon Wolf! I’d like to make it very clear that although I won’t intervene in you and Iris‘
relationship anymore, you are not allowed to hurt or disappoint her in the future! If you do, we Scammells will never let you get
away with this!” Patrick warned with much determination.
“Don’t worry, Grandpa, I will never do anything to hurt Iris!” Leon said earnestly.
“That’s good to hear.” Patrick nodded, and his expression gradually began to relax.

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