The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681
Patrick’s heart felt like it was about to leap out of his chest as he watched Leon scribble down the formula.
After all, power methods that belonged to the Advanced Power class were rare to come by, and he was not convinced as to
whether Leon truly possessed it or not.
Besides, even if Leon’s claims were true, how could he expect Leon to gift it to them without asking for anything in return?
Therefore, it was understandable that he would feel skeptical and anxious at this, as he was worried that Leon would change his
mind at the last moment.
“Alright, it’s done! Behold, Grandpa, the Dispel Demon Method!” Leon exclaimed as he handed the paper to Patrick.
“Splendid! I shall start practicing this right now!” Patrick declared. He could not wait to start training and witness the power of the
Dispel Demon Method himself!
“Don’t be so impatient, Grandpa! I’ve prepared this Dispel Demon Method for the collateral descendants, it’s actually not meant
for you!” Leon quickly interrupted.
“Why not?” Patrick was stunned by this and turned to gaze at Leon incredulously, trying to figure out what
Leon was up to.
Could this power method not be the Dispel Demon Method at all, like Leon claimed, and something else instead?
“Well, I have another more powerful training method which belongs to the Ultimate Power class. It’s called the Thousand Gods
Method! I prepared this training method only for the direct descendants of the Scammells, so you and Uncle Damian should
practice this instead of the Dispel Demon Method!” Leon explained, grinning, as he handed the notepad to Patrick.
“What?! You’re in possession of a training method belonging to the Ultimate Power class? How… how is this possible?” Patrick
was utterly shocked to hear this. He turned to gape at Leon, unable to believe what he said. The Ultimate Power class was the
highest ranking among the training methods seen in not just the Southern region, but the whole of Sky County! Only ancient
martial arts families like the Thompsons and the Spears possessed such great power, so he never once dreamed that a
nameless orphan hailing from Springfield City like Leon would not only be in possession of training methods of the Advanced
Power class, much less the Ultimate Power class!

This was unbelievable!
One could only imagine his shock at this.
“I’m telling the truth, Grandpa! If you don’t believe me, you can always try to practice it yourself!” Leon replied.
“Um… Okay then. I shall try it myself!” Patrick snapped out of his stupor and took the notepad from Leon with shaky hands. He
was beginning to wonder whether Leon was unnecessarily bragging.
Therefore, in order to verify the validity of this, he sat down on the ground with his legs crossed and started training.
Finally, after an entire day’s training, Patrick soon sensed that not only did the Thousand Gods Method significantly heighten the
speed of his training, but it even seemed to purify the true energy within him!
Not only that, but he slowly even began to advance in his training, even though he had been stuck on a plateau for years now!
As reluctant as he was to admit it, he realized that the Thousand Gods Method was indeed as powerful as
Leon had claimed!

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