Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682
“This is splendid! I can’t believe that this Thousand Gods Method is turning out to be the real deal!” Patrick was absolutely
overjoyed at this. Training methods belonging to the Ultimate Power class were hard to come by in the Southern region, and
many ancient families longed to get their hands on something like this!
Fortunately, the Scammells were hit with a stroke of luck that blessed them with the Thousand Gods Method, and it was all
because of Leon!
Although Patrick was a wise man who had seen plenty during his time, he still could not help but get excited over the prospect of
this amazing treasure, and could no longer remain calm!
“Grandpa, please stay calm. Don’t get distracted…” Leon quickly warned him. Then, he firmly pressed his palm against Patrick’s
back, channeling his energy into Patrick’s body to attempt to calm his surging energy. He was concerned that Patrick would lose
control of his emotions and subsequently, his power!
Since Patrick had already begun to undergo some change in his power level, even a brief moment of distraction would cause his
rippling energy to break through his defenses and wreak havoc!
Thankfully, Leon had reached out just in time and managed to suppress Patrick’s roaring energy with his own calm one.
With that, Patrick took in a deep breath and resumed his training.
After a long time, Patrick finally seized an opportunity to break through his plateau!
The truth was, he had already attained the Initial Emperor State a few years ago, and after some intensive training, he was now
not too far off from advancing to the Intermediate Emperor State. However, the training methods of the Basic Power class usually
only allowed the warrior to rise until the Initial Emperor State, and it was significantly more difficult to advance to the Intermediate
Emperor State this way.
Since the Scammells only possessed the Basic Power class, Patrick could not break through his plateau and attain the power
level he wanted!
However, with the Thousand Gods Method, he soon managed to crash through the ceiling and come out the other side. He was
now an Intermediate Emperor!

“This is amazing! I can’t believe I finally managed to break through after so many years of being stuck in the same place!” Patrick
burst into gleeful laughter as he stood up, his heart bursting with joy and excitement.
“Congratulations, Grandpa!” Leon said, grinning.
“Thank you, Leon… Not only did you save our family time and time, but you even gifted such a valuable present to me. I don’t
even know how to begin thanking you…” Patrick exclaimed, grabbing hold of Leon’s arm in delight.
“I’ve already said this before, Grandpa. We’re family, and this is what family does for each other, so you don’t have to thank me!”
Leon replied.
“Yes, you’re right! We’re a family! We Scammells are blessed beyond measure to have a future son–in–law like you!” Patrick
chuckled. His whole demeanor was cheerful and energetic; a stark contrast from before.
Power methods of the Ultimate Power class were exceptionally hard to come by that not everyone would share it with just
anyone, but now, in order to prove his sincerity, Leon had willingly gifted such a valuable gift to them!
Patrick was incredibly touched by this! A martial artist’s training method was the absolute foundation of their power, and now,
with this newly acquired gift, the Scammells would be able to further train their martial artists, bringing them to the Semi Almighty
State and perhaps even breed a few Almighty Warriors!
When that happens, the Scammells would likely be able to grow their power until they are on par with the Thompsons and the
Spears. From that point onwards, no one would dare to pick on them anymore!
One could only imagine Patrick’s excitement and delight at this!

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