The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683
After a brief celebration, Patrick carefully tucked the Thousand Gods Method and the Dispel Demon Method away and led Leon
out of the study and back into the living room.
Damian and Iris approached them as soon as they reappeared.
Ever since the unpleasant events that had transpired, Patrick had been behaving in a sorrowful manner and rarely ever smiled.
Now, however, by the looks of his enormous grin and the spring in his step, everyone could clearly tell that he was in a splendid
“What happened, Father? Why are you so happy?” Damian asked incredulously, unable to understand how such a great change
had occurred in the few minutes they spent in the study.
“Nothing. You’ll find out soon enough…” Patrick replied, beaming from ear to ear.
One should never expose their deck of cards, and considering how weak the Scammells were compared to the other ancient
families, he did not intend to reveal their possession of the Ultimate Power class methods just yet, lest the other families get wind
of this and attempt to steal it from them!
Therefore, he intended to tell the truth to Damian in private.
“Well, if there’s nothing else, Grandpa, Iris and I shall be off now,” Leon piped up. After bidding everyone goodbye, he and the
girls left.
Since he had taken the Dragon Pill before his combat, he needed to get home as soon as possible before the effects wore off.
With that in mind, he handed his tasks over to Iris and Roanne, then returned home with Snow, who was assigned to look after
The side effects of the Dragon Pill usually lasted for two days, but with the Spiritual Pearl, Leon could easily use it to replenish
his true energy and hasten his recovery. If things went well, he could easily recover just after a day’s rest.
Meanwhile, at the Spears‘ residence, the Southern Boss was in the middle of a meeting with a few Guardians and some of the
other Spears.

All of a sudden, frantic footsteps rang out as the Fifth and Sixth Guardians burst into the room, followed by Linus and the few
guards who were carrying Charlie on a stretcher.
“Sir, something terrible happened…” the Fifth Guardian yelled, his face was filled with fear. He wanted to describe everything that
happened but he did not know where to begin.
Ever since the Dragon Corps placed one of the Spears‘ properties under investigation, the Southern Boss had specially assigned
the Fifth and Sixth Guardians to protect Rodney at all times. Somehow, they allowed the Dragon Corps to take Rodney away
from right under their noses!
One could only imagine how furious the Southern Boss would be, and none of them even dared to break the news to him.
“What happened to you, Charlie?” The Southern Boss soon caught sight of Charlie on the stretcher, and a bad feeling arose in
his heart.
Charlie had informed him of his plans to help the descendants of the Scammells‘ second bloodline before this. When that
happened, the Southern Boss thought that it would not be a difficult task to pull off,
considering how powerful the Martells were in comparison to the Scammells!
He never once imagined that things would not go as planned. Judging from how feeble Charlie looked, it seemed he must have
suffered significant trauma!
It did not take him long to put two and two together, and realize that something must have gone terribly wrong with Charlie’s

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