Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684
“I’m sorry, sir, for failing to accomplish the task you gave me…” Charlie muttered with a fearful expression, worried that he would
get punished for his incompetence.
“What? You useless twat, how did you even manage to fail such an easy task? What use can I get out of you?” the Southern
Boss smacked his hand against the table, outraged to hear this. With a thud, the table wobbled on its legs and finally toppled
over its side from the sheer impact.
Although he had anticipated this from the looks of everyone, it was still infuriating to hear Charlie admit that his plan had failed.
He wanted nothing more than to kill him right then and there!
“Please stay calm, sir… The only reason Charlie failed was because Leon Wolf interfered, and even got the Thompsons
involved…” Linus explained, trying to help ease the blame from his son.
“The Thompsons? Well, that’s no wonder!” A dark expression crossed the Southern Boss‘ face. He had heard through the
grapevine that the members of the Scammells‘ first bloodline had made connections with the Thompsons since the sales drive,
and thus he was not at all surprised to hear that the Thompsons intervened!
As for Leon, he overheard from Charlie that Leon Wolf was just a distant relative of the Scammells. He was basically a nobody
who hailed from Springfield City!
He did not care for Leon Wolf at all!
“Linus Martell, stop making excuses for your incompetencies! In my opinion, you Martells are utterly useless. I can’t believe you
can’t even get rid of such easy targets as the Scammells!” One of the elders stood up, casting Linus a contemptuous look. Then,
without a second glance at Linus, he turned to the Southern Boss and said, “Sir, I shall take care of this! I will lead my men and
kill all the members of the Scammells‘ first bloodline right this instant! I guarantee that I will get the job done!”
“Well… Alright then. Bring a few of your men to the Scammells‘ place and get rid of them! Remember, you have to get your
hands on the Cynthion Group’s branch no matter what, and I won’t take no for an answer!” The Southern Boss nodded in
agreement after a moment’s contemplation.
Although the Dragon Corps had already issued a warning to them, the fact that both of Charlie’s plans had failed warranted
immediate action… He could not wait any longer!

As long as the Spears acted fast and cleaned up after themselves, he was certain that the Dragon Corps would not be alerted of
“No! we can’t do this!” the two Guardians exclaimed in shock.
“We can’t? Why not?” the Southern Boss furrowed his brows in puzzlement.
“Um…” their faces flashed scarlet in shame. They intended to tell the truth about Rodney’s arrest, but could not help but cower at
the thought of the punishment they would receive.
Finally, the Fifth Guardian gritted his teeth and decided to step forward. “Sir, we were at the Scammells‘ place with Young Master
Spears just now, but the Dragon Corps showed up out of nowhere and arrested him …” he murmured.

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