Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685
“What!?” Everyone was taken aback by this.
When Rodney first got the news, he immediately went to the Scammells‘ with only two of his guards with him and was in such a
hurry that he did not get the chance to notify his father. Besides, he thought this was just a small issue and did not want to alert
the Southern Boss about this.
Therefore, none of the elders, not even the Southern Boss himself, were aware of Rodney’s whereabouts until now!
They finally realized that not just the Martells had gotten into trouble, but even Rodney reaped the consequences by getting
arrested by the Dragon Corps!
One could only imagine their shock at this!
“Did you say that Rodney was captured by the Dragon Corps? Is this true?” the Southern Boss demanded, his stare as cold as
“A–affirmative…” the Fifth Guardian muttered, his throat dry and raspy.
“You useless twats! I assigned you to guard Rodney with your lives, and yet you allowed the Dragon Corps to take him away!
What use am I getting out of you two?” The Southern Boss was furious to hear this. With a swipe of his arm, he sent a surge of
powerful energy charging their way!
The color drained from the Guardians‘ faces, but none of them dared to dodge. Instead, they watched in fear as they channeled
their true energies to shield their vital organs, and allowed the Southern Boss‘ attack to strike their bodies.
“Thud! Thud!”
With a loud slam, the two Guardians were propelled backward from the impact, spitting out mouthfuls of blood, and landed in
crumpled heaps a few feet away.
Fortunately, they were both well–trained warriors at the Semi Almighty State. If not, they would have been killed instantaneously
by the Southern Boss‘ attack!
Then, without a moment’s hesitation, the two Guardians got on their knees, stifling the excruciating pain in their bodies. “Please
forgive us, sir… The Dragon Corps did not actually intend to take Young Master Spears away, but that Leon Wolf guy convinced

them to change their minds… In the end, they were adamant about arresting him, and even took him back to their headquarters
under the pretense of a simple questioning…” the two Guardians explained.
“Leon Wolf? Him? Again?!” the Southern Boss was outraged. However, what he heard next shocked him even more.
“Sir, there’s another important thing you should know. The truth is, the ones having connections to the Thompsons are not the
Scammells, but Leon himself… Leon was the one who alerted the Thompsons about this and intervened…” Charlie piped up.
“What? That was his doing as well?! How powerful is this twat?” the Southern Boss almost exploded in anger upon hearing this.
He failed to acknowledge Leon as a threat and thought he would not be much trouble, but now, not only did the Black Gorilla’s
plan to murder Leon fail… Even Charlie’s plan to help the Scammells‘ second bloodline rise to power was disrupted!
Not only that, even Rodney’s arrest by the Dragon Corps was linked to Leon. No matter how hard he tried, he could not
understand how a nobody like Leon Wolf managed to foil his plans over and over again!
This was so astonishing that if he had not heard it with his own two ears, he would never have believed it to be true!

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