Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686
“Sir, he is just an insignificant nobody, and I’ll gladly capture that twat for you!” All of a sudden, a burly man sitting in the front row
stood up. He was none other than the Fourth Guardian!
“You fools!” The Southern Boss was still outraged about his son’s capture. He smacked the arm of his chair so hard that the
wood splintered, sending wood chips flying through the air.
He was still one of the most powerful men in the Southern region, and so it did not take long for him to regain his composure.
“Never mind. Let’s not talk about it anymore. We can decide on the course of action once Rodney is released!
He declared his plan as a glint of malice flashed through his eyes.
As much as he harbored hatred toward Leon and wanted nothing more than to kill him right then and there, he was certain that
he could easily defeat Leon anytime, and was in no rush to do so.
After all, he was just a nobody from Springfield City!
Besides, the Southern Boss was certain that the two Gold Dragon Guards had arrested Rodney just to give him a warning. Once
he settled down, the Dragon Corps would surely release him in a few days as they know how powerful his influence was!
If he were to get rid of Leon, the Dragon Corps would continue keeping Rodney in holding once they caught a whiff of it!
This did not work in his favor, and thus he decided it would be better to take care of Leon once Rodney
returned safe and sound.
However, the Southern Boss had severely underestimated Leon!
Not only was Leon a Platinum Dragon Guard among the Dragon Corps, but unbeknownst to him, Oliver and Abraham had
arrested Rodney on Leon’s orders!
If the Southern Boss had known this, he would not want to get rid of Leon at all costs!
For the next two days, Leon focused on his recovery, and eventually returned to work at Elegante Group.

With Iris‘ help, Leon managed to recreate the same business model and products as the headquarters in Springfield City, and
successfully launched the production line to get the wheels running!
On the other hand, the Scammells owned two pharmaceutical firms, one of which was sold to Leon and eventually became the
branch of Elegante Group, whereas the other one belonged to the descendants of the Scammells‘ second bloodline!
Now that the descendants had been evicted, Patrick gave their entire family 440 million dollars to start afresh, mostly in
consideration of their familial ties.
After getting their hands on the money, Rick placed the pharmaceutical firm up for offer, then left the city with his family, intending
to start their lives afresh in a new place!
The Scammells‘ made their living off manufacturing herbs, and the pharmaceutical firms were not their main source of income.
Therefore, Patrick decided to gift the second pharmaceutical firm to Leon in gratitude for his help.
Considering how useful the second pharmaceutical firm would be in the future, Leon decided not to turn down Patrick’s act of
kindness. However, knowing that the Scammells had suffered a significant blow to their finances as a result of recent events, he
decided to buy out the company instead at market price.
Now that they owned two pharmaceutical firms, Leon and Cynthia decided to also shift their business from Springfield City to Sky
County. Their original company in Springfield City would be the headquarters while they moved the Cynthion Group’s business to
Sky County. That way, they can use the second pharmaceutical firm as a production line for their alchemical pills and medicines!
With that, the Cynthion Group’s new business model was thereby established!

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