The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687
That night, Leon and the girls discussed company matters over dinner.
“Leon, the Southern region is an enormous place with plenty of supply for alchemical pills, so much so that your first batch is
starting to run out! Shouldn’t you be getting ready to make a second batch?” Cynthia could not help asking.
“Yes, I’ve been meaning to do that, but the Scammells can’t meet my demands for herbs…” Leon replied, frowning. He was so
adept at alchemy that it would not take long for him to make a second batch. However, the Scammells had a limited supply of
herbs, and he had already used up almost all of the three–century herbs and five–century herbs.
It had only been a few days since the sales drive. Considering recent events that had transpired, the Scammells had yet to get
their hands on a second batch of herbs, and thus there was no way Leon could produce a new batch of pills!
“It’s okay! I’m sure my family has collected plenty of herbs, so I can always call Grandpa later and ask him to send over a batch
in a couple of days! Then you will finally be able to make a new batch of pills!” Cynthia said, smiling.
“Yes, that sounds like a great idea!” Leon was delighted to hear this, but suddenly, he recalled something.” Hey, since I’m
returning to Springfield City tomorrow, why don’t I retrieve the herbs from him and bring them back myself instead? That way we
won’t need to trouble him!” he said after some thought.
“You want to return to Springfield City to get the herbs? Isn’t this an even bigger hassle?” Cynthia was shocked to hear this.
“No, the herbs are not my main reason for returning. I’m going back to help Elder Young with his Energy Sea Point…” Leon

The Angel’s Fruit was capable of reconstruction of the internal circulation, and it was one of the reasons that had compelled him
to come to Sky County in the first place which was to find the Angel’s Fruit for Elder Young.
Now that he had gotten his hands on some Angel’s Fruit, he needed to return to Springfield City to hand it over to Elder Young!
“Oh!” Cynthia and the rest gasped in realization.
“There’s no need for that, Leon! I’ve already told Grandpa about this on the phone this afternoon, so he and my father are going
to come tomorrow to retrieve it. You don’t have to make a special trip just to send it over! “Iris said, smiling.

“Elder Young and Mister Young are coming tomorrow?” Leon was surprised to hear this.
“Yes. The Youngs and the Scammells have lost touch ever since my mother passed, and so apart from coming to seek your
help, my grandfather intends to pay a visit to Grandpa to see if the two parties can resolve their differences…” Iris explained. She
could not help turning sorrowful at the mention of her late mother.
“Oh, that makes sense…” Leon replied. Since Elder Young was coming to the Southern region anyway, that meant he did not
need to make an extra trip down to Springfield City.
As for the herbs, he could ask Elder Shear to send his men over with the herbs he needed!
“Well, since we’re done discussing work and have finished our dinner. Let’s get some early rest and train!” Ruth chirruped. She
was always eager to train and was the most dedicated out of all of them.
“Yes, let’s go.” Leon nodded. He had encountered so many powerful opponents lately that he realized just how far behind he
was. Thus, he decided to intensify his training in hopes that he could gain more power!
With that, the group dismissed themselves and returned to their rooms for training.

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