Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689
“You don’t have to worry, Grandpa! I have an idea!” All of a sudden, Willie stood up. Although he had been almost crippled by
Leon the last time they met, he had recovered well during this period of rest and was beginning to regain function in his legs,
albeit his gait was still a little wobbly.
“Is that so? I’m all ears!” Crowley and the rest of the elders turned to stare at Willie.
“Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Twin Beauties of the Southern Region, which are Cynthia Shear and Iris Young
respectively. Coincidentally, these two women are close to Leon Wolf. Well, if we somehow manage to capture them, we can use
them as bait to lure Leon and the Scammells into our trap… And then, we will unleash our wrath, which is within reason, and the
Thompsons won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late!” Willie explained his plan with much animosity.
“Yes, this is a splendid idea!” Their faces lit up in excitement and delight at this excellent plan.
There was one important rule that was constantly upheld in the Gangster World, which was that one could not simply attack
another party unless there was a valid reason to do so.
The Thompsons were the most powerful out of all the ancient families in the Southern Region, and so naturally, they held
themselves to high standards and were people of fierce integrity.
If the Libertons were to attack the Scammells, the Thompsons would be within reason to defend the Scammells and retaliate!
However, if the Libertons were to lure Leon and the Scammells into their territory, everything would change!
They would have the right to retaliate against their invaders for trespassing, and no one else could frown upon this, since it
abided by the laws of the Gangster World.
The Thompsons, who were fierce protectors of their status and integrity, would not even dream of defending the Scammells lest
they get accused wrongly of invasion!
Even if the Thompsons were willing to do so, not only would this tarnish their name, but the Dragon Corps would be alerted of
this, and the Thompsons would reap the consequences of attempting to invade other families without reason!
In conclusion, as long as the Libertons found the moral high ground, the Thompsons would not dare to intervene!

“Also, from what I heard, Leon is the only one in control of Cynthion Group’s branch, and if we get rid of him and the Scammells,
the Cynthion Group will undoubtedly fall into our hands!” Willie added.
Since Leon had remained on the sidelines all this while, not many people knew that he was the true president of the Cynthion
Group. However, Willie was different; he and Leon had gotten into conflict when Leon first tried to buy out a pharmaceutical firm
with Iris and Cynthia, so he could easily put two and two together, and quickly deduced that Leon was the mastermind behind
Therefore, Cynthion Group was highly likely to be Leon’s personal assets and had nothing to do with the Scammells at all!
If the Libertons insisted on going against the Scammells alone, there was a high likelihood that they would not get what they
wanted, so the only way to steal Cynthion Group was to get rid of Leon once and for all!
This was only one of the reasons Willie longed to defeat Leon. This was the man who had crippled him, and he had been
dreaming all day to seek revenge!
“The Cynthion Group? Well, that’s something we’d like to get in on!” Crowley and the rest of the elders perked up when they
heard this.
They initially had their sights fixed on the Scammells, but now, after hearing what Willie suggested, they decided to switch their
attention to Leon instead!
They knew of the Cynthion Group’s business significance and potential, and if the Libertons could get their hands on Cynthion
Group, not only would this bring them significant income, but they would be able to attract great opportunities of working with
other powerful families!
This would make them leap lightyears ahead in their prosperity!
“Well, we shall go with that idea then!” Crowley declared.

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