The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690
The next afternoon, Leon, Iris, and Snow arrived home early from their work to welcome Albert and Gilbert’s arrival.
Not long after, they heard the roar of engines nearing their house as Gilbert’s car arrived, following the address Iris had given.
A dozen or so expensive cars pulled into the villa.
“That’s strange. Why are there so many cars?” The three of them were shocked by this. Then, as they were pondering this
strange event, the car doors flung open. Albert, Gilbert, Benedict, George, and even Vincent stepped out of their respective cars.
“That’s why!” Leon gasped in realization. He thought only Albert and Gilbert were coming, but it turned out that Benedict,
George, and Vincent had decided to tag along too.
After some thought, he finally understood that Benedict, George, and Vincent had probably come to visit their respective
daughters and granddaughters.
“Elder Young, Elder Shear, everyone, long time no see…” Leon greeted them with a smile as he approached.
“Yes, it’s certainly been a while!”
“Leon, how have things been here in the Southern region?”
“Did you guys run into any trouble?”
The elders asked in concern, smiling.
“Well, everything has been smooth sailing so far…” Leon replied rather ambiguously.
Iris and Snow rolled their eyes at this. They had made so many enemies and been caught in so many dangerous situations ever
since arriving here that they had lost count. It was not at all like how Leon put it!
Thankfully, Leon was a smart man who had his wits, which was how they all managed to escape death each time!
If not, none of them would even be standing here now!
“By the way, why didn’t you tell us you were coming, Elder Shear?” Leon tried to change the subject with a dubious look.

“Oh, it was a last minute decision to come pay a visit to Cynthia, Snow, and Ruth. We didn’t tell you because we wanted to make
this a surprise…” Benedict, Vincent, and George replied unanimously.
Now that Cynthia, Snow, and Ruth had been in the Southern region with Leon for some time now, they could not help but miss
their girls. Therefore, when they heard of Elder Young’s plans to visit them in the Southern region the night before, they decided
to tag along after some discussion.
“What an unpleasant surprise!” Snow rolled her eyes. The only reason she had come to the Southern region was because her
father Vincent had forced her to do so against her will.
Vincent had been worried sick about whom Snow would settle down with, so he had sent her to the Southern region for a
holiday, in hopes that she would bring a boyfriend home!
Now that Vincent had come for a visit, Snow could easily guess that she would be subjected to a few days of being pestered
about her love life.
Therefore, not only was she unhappy about this surprise, but she even began to feel annoyed at her father’s sudden
appearance. If she had known her father would be here, she would have stayed at the office longer instead of following Leon and
Iris home!
On second thought, she was away from Springfield City for so long now that she could not help but feel a little homesick. In
reality, she was secretly delighted that her father had come all the way to see her.

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