Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691
“Leon, I’ve brought all the materials you need with me. Here’s a list of everything I brought. Have a look,” Benedict said with a
smile and handed a long list to Leon, before signaling Harvey and the other Shears to open the car doors and unload all herbs
they brought with them.
“That’s great! With so many herbs, Cynthion Group’s demand should be met for some time.” Leon glanced through the list and
Though herbs that grew for over three hundred years were rare in Springfield City, there was an abundant supply of herbs that
grew for one to two hundred years, which described most of the supply Benedict brought to him.
With the Shears‘ supply, Leon could produce first and second–grade Energy Nurturing Pills by mass. Unfortunately, there were
only a dozen herbs that grew for over three hundred years and he could only produce close to a thousand premium Energy
Nurturing Pills.
Since there were no five–hundred–year–old herbs in the mix at all, he would not be able to produce any Pure Energy Pill, but
Leon was not overly worried as the demand for Pure Energy Pills was not as high as that for Energy Nurturing Pills.
Harvey supervised as the other Shears moved all the herbs into the mansion for Leon to produce alchemical pills.
“By the way, Leon, where’s Cynthia? I don’t see her around,” Benedict asked in confusion.
“Yeah, where’s Ruth? Where has she gone?” George glanced around and did not see Ruth anywhere.
“Cynthia and Ruth don’t know that you were coming today, so they’re still working in the Cynthion Group office,” Leon explained,
“How about this? I’ll give them a call now and get them to come home.‘
He took out his phone to call Ruth and Cynthia.
“It’s fine. Let’s all go to see them and surprise them. It’s an opportunity to take a tour around your new office as well,” George
“Sure.” Leon nodded, before leaving the mansion with George and the others to head toward Cynthion Group.
Meanwhile, in the president’s office in Cynthion Group, Cynthia and Ruth buried themselves in work.

Benedict handed another one of the Shears‘ pharmaceutical firms to Leon. Since Cynthia was trying hard to shift her focus from
Springfield City to the southern region, she ran thin.
Thankfully, she had Ruth’s support, and the weight on her shoulders was lifted to a certain extent.
Just then, they heard noises from the outside with screams and shouts.
“What’s going on?” Startled, Cynthia put the document in her hands aside.
“I don’t know. Let’s go out and have a look.” Ruth shook her head and went out of the office with Cynthia.

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