Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692
Outside the office, Willie stormed in with two mid–aged men and a few guards.
Any employee or security guard who attempted to stop them was beaten until they were covered in bruises and blood.
“Cynthia, Iris, where are you? Get out here right now!” Willie roared arrogantly, startling Cynthia, Ruth, and all the other
Out of fear of the ferocious guards, the managers stayed away and observed the situation from afar, not daring to stop them.
“Willie Liberton!”
Cynthia’s and Ruth’s expressions darkened.
When Leon worked to buy over a pharmaceutical firm, he conflicted with Tony and Willie and even injured Willie’s father.
Cynthia and Ruth saw Willie once and recognized him immediately since he had a grudge against Leon; even a fool could tell he
did not come with good intentions.
“Haha! Here you are!” Willie barked a peal of laughter and apart from the two mid–aged men behind him, the other Libertons‘
guards instantly surrounded Cynthia and Ruth to prevent them from running.
“It’s been a while, Miss Shear! Where’s Iris?” Willie asked viciously.
He knew that Iris was Leon’s girlfriend and that she was a relative of the Scammells and barged into Cynthion Group mainly to
capture Iris, so that he could lure Leon and the Scammells into his trap.
“Iris isn’t here! What’s the meaning of this, Willie Liberton?” Cynthia questioned sharply.
“She isn’t around?” Willie was surprised.
Iris and Cynthia were in charge of Cynthia Group’s sales drive and Willie assumed that Iris was one of the managers in the firm,
so he was surprised to learn that Iris was away from the office.
However, Cynthia was the president of the company and was closely related to Leon and he decided that capturing Cynthia
would achieve his goal as well.

Without further delay, he raised his arm and commanded the guards, “Capture these two and take them with us!”
The guards immediately charged toward Cynthia and Ruth.
“You’re all just a few low–level Supreme Masters. How dare you challenge me to a fight? Know your places!” Ruth scoffed and
stood before Cynthia, before launching two powerful punches toward the guards.

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