The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694
“Who are you?!” Willie was shocked when he sensed two people charging at him from behind.
He long reached the Semi–Overlord State and was capable enough to narrowly dodge Stephen’s attack. However, Spencer was
stronger than Stephen and made a sharp turn to close in on Willie.
“How dare you?!” The two mid–aged men gaped and instantly gave up on capturing Ruth and Cynthia, before darting toward
Spencer and Stephen at the speed of lightning.
The Sharp siblings knew how powerful the men were and rolled off the ground, narrowly escaping their attacks.
Once they regained their balance, Spencer shouted at Cynthia and Ruth, “Madams, we’ll stall them. Run!”
“But, okay!” Ruth knew it was not a time for her to be stubborn and grabbed Cynthia by the arm, before dragging her in the
opposite direction.
“You aren’t getting away!” The two mid–aged men sneered.
One of them leaped into the air and charged toward Cynthia and Ruth, while the other one remained to fight Spencer and
“Damn it!” The Sharp siblings‘ expressions darkened.
Not daring to waste any time, they hurried after the man to stop him from going after Cynthia and Ruth.
“Your opponent is me!” The other man scoffed and surrounded the Sharp siblings with his true energy, before launching an
attack at them.
Spencer and Stephen were in the Initial Overlord and Semi–Overlord State, which were hardly comparable to the man, who was
in the Advanced Supreme State.
Within a few moments, they were defeated and suffered severe internal injuries in the hand of the man.
Meanwhile, the other man caught up to Cynthia and Ruth and launched his energy at them.
“Damn it!” Ruth paled and pushed Cynthia away, before rolling off to dodge the attack.

However, she fell short in power and though she reacted in time, she was unable to escape the range of the man’s attack and
felt the attack slamming onto her.
When she landed on the ground, a sharp pain pierced through her body and she spewed a mouthful of blood, completely losing
the ability to fight.
Once Ruth was out of the way, the man reached out to grab Cynthia.
Cynthia was only in the Intermediate Supreme State and was captured before she could back away. The man swiftly jabbed at
the compression points around her energy center to seal her power.

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