The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695
“You arrogant scums!” Willie sneered and walked over with one of the mid–aged men once he saw that Ruth was severely
injured and Cynthia was captured.
“Gimpy, you didn’t manage to defeat Leon and turn to vent your anger on two women. You’re no man!” Ruth glared daggers at
She knew about the conflict between Leon and Willie and knew that he came to attack her and Cynthia to trap Leon.
“Why you! If you like calling me a gimpy so much, I’ll make you one as well! Consider a part of the payment Leon owes me!”
Willie sneered devilishly and stomped on Ruth’s leg.
Ruth grunted in pain as her bones snapped. She paled and saw stars as she struggled not to lose consciousness.
“Stop it! Willie Liberton, you despicable scum! Ruth hasn’t done anything to you, how dare you hurt her? You don’t even have the
right to call yourself human! Once Leon finds out about this, he won’t spare you!” Cynthia roared in rage.
“You b*tch! Don’t even mention that little bast*rd’s name!” Livid, Willie slapped Cynthia across the face roughly.
Cynthia’s cheek instantly swelled and a stream of blood scrolled down the corner of her mouth, but instead of feeling scared, she
kept her eyes trained on Willie as though she was looking at a dead man because she knew that Leon would avenge her and
Ruth once he found out about what Willie did.
He ignored her cold glare and turned his attention to Ruth, who was in pain. “I’ll spare you, for now, wench! Tell Leon that he’s
going to come to the Libertons Mansion if he doesn’t want anything to happen to Cynthia! If he chickens out, he should expect to
see Cynthia’s dead body!” He said viciously.
While Willie and the two mid–aged men had their eyes on Ruth, Cynthia reached into her pocket and smashed a Soul Searcher
The Soul Searcher Pill was a tracker and once Leon succeeded in producing it, he handed a few of the pills to Iris, Cynthia,
Ruth, and Snow; should they find themselves in danger, they could smash the pill and he could be able to find them immediately.

“Let’s go!” Willie did not notice her motion and stormed off with Cynthia, the two mid–aged men, and the injured Libertons‘
Shortly after they left, Leon arrived in the office with Benedict and the others,
“Wh- What’s going on here?” Leon gasped when he saw the mess the office was in and an ominous feeling took over him.
Benedict and the others were stunned as well.
Not daring to waste time, they hurried up the floors and soon found Ruth and the Sharp siblings, who were badly injured.

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