The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697
“Leon, we’ll go with you.”
Benedict, Harvey, and the other Shears hurried after Leon.
They all came to the southern region to surprise Cynthia. To their bewilderment, they were all greeted by the news that Cynthia
was in danger.
The Shears were worried and could not stay still.
“It’s fine! Elder Shear, I’ll go alone to save Cynthia. If you’re worried, you can come with the Scammells later, “Leon did not stop
on his way out.
It would be quicker for him to travel alone and taking the Shears with him would only slow him down.
“Alright,” The Shears knew that they could not be of much help and stopped.
“Leon, once you find Cynthia, leave Willie alive. I’m going to make him pay for what he did myself!” Ruth gritted out as Leon left.
“I got it!” Leon’s figure soon disappeared into the distance.
As soon as he was gone, Iris gave Patrick a call, asking him to send the martial artists in the Scammells to help Leon, and
informed him to meet with Leon outside the Liberton Mansion.
Patrick provided Iris with the address of the Liberton Mansion, and she was about to hurry over.
Just then, Ruth barely managed to get up from the ground with George’s help and wanted to join Iris and the others.
“Ruth, you’re badly injured! I think you should go home and rest. You should go with them,” George said worriedly.
Though he was furious at Willie for injuring Ruth, she was alive and he did not wish for her to travel with the others in her
“No way! I’m going! I need to seek revenge on Willie, or I’ll never forgive myself,” Ruth said stubbornly. “But, alright, then.”
Seeing how determined she was, George did not argue further and followed the group as they all headed for the Libertons

In the Libertons Mansion, Cynthia was locked in a bedroom.
Willie signaled the two mid–aged men and the guards from earlier to wait outside, before heading into the room alone.
“Miss Shear, let’s talk!” He sneered and sat down by the table.
“What do you want, you scum?” She questioned warily.
“It’s simple. I want all confidential information about Cynthion Group. For example, how you produce the alchemical pills and
where the recipes are,” He said and narrowed his eyes calculatedly.
He captured Cynthia to trap Leon and the Scammells, but also because Cynthion Group held tremendous business value and
the Libertons were determined to take control over the firm.
Naturally, a company with nothing but its name meant nothing to him, so he wanted the methods or recipes for producing the
alchemical pills. With that information in hand, the Libertons‘ path to success would be guaranteed.

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