The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698
“You want Cynthion Group? Dream on!” Cynthia scoffed.
All the alchemical pills were produced by Leon and there was no confidential record or recipes of the pills so that Willie could not
obtain any information from her.
She was clueless about how the pills were produced, and she would never breathe a word even if she knew the recipes.
“Think twice, Miss Shear! If you don’t want to suffer, I advise that you hand the recipes over and I might just let you go!
Otherwise, there will be no mercy for you!” Willie threatened.
“It’s not happening! You won’t get anything from me!” She said in contempt.
She did not know how Leon produced the pills, but she helped Leon so many times that she did know some of the details but
refused to disclose anything to Willie.
“Very well! B*tch, you asked for this!” Willie slammed the table in a rage and stood from his seat, before striding up to Cynthia.
“W–What are you doing? Don’t come any closer,” She shouted nervously as she backed away, knowing perfectly well what was
going to happen.
“What do you think? Ever since the sales drive, you and Iris have been named the two most beautiful women in the southern
region and countless men would kill to spend a night with any of you! I am a lucky man and I shall have a taste of you today!” He
sneered and continued to approach her.
“You have no shame!” Her expression darkened. “I’m warning you, Willie, if you dare to hurt me, Leon will kill you!”
“Him? What a joke! Cynthia, the Libertons have set up a trap and we are just waiting for him to step into it. Once he arrives, he
will die before he knows what hit him!” He sneered maliciously.
“You!” Cynthia paled.
She knew that Loen was formidable and had numerous tricks in hand, but he was outnumbered in the Libertons‘ territory and if
he barged in on his own, he might fall right into the Libertons‘ trap.

Instantly, she could not help but worry for his safety.
“You aren’t the only one! Once I get rid of Leon and the Scammells, I’ll capture Iris as well! Both of you are going to be mine to
toy with by then!” Willie laughed smugly.
He knew that Iris and Cynthia were in charge of Cynthion Group and they were bound to know how the alchemical pills were
made. Once he had both of them under his control, he could torture them until they handed the recipes to him.
“You’re shameless!” Cynthia flushed in rage and narrowed her eyes as she prepared herself for something.

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