Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699
“Let’s not waste any time! Come over here, and I’ll show you how wonderful it is to be with a man, “He sneered evilly and
reached out to grab her clothes.
He intended to tear her clothes apart and force himself onto her, but before he could do so, next caught him off–guard. what
“Go to hell, you scum!” Cynthia prepared herself and withdrew the Potential Energy Force in her jadeite pendant, before sending
it directly at Willie.
Though her power was sealed, she could still utilize the Potential Energy Force.
She waited until this moment because she was waiting for the right moment and was concerned that the Potential Energy Force
would not be effective on a formidable martial artist like Willie. However, his arrogance allowed him to let his guard down and it
was the perfect chance for her to catch him by surprise she desperately wished that she could take Willie’s life right there and
“How’s this possible?!” Willie was stunned when he sensed the energy in Cynthia’s hands.
He did not expect Cynthia to wield such a powerful attack despite having her power sealed. However, he was a Semi–Overlord
and managed to protect his body while backing away at the very last moment.
Following a deafening noise, the Potential Energy Force in Cynthia’s hand brushed past his ear and cut into his shoulder and
He spewed blood from his mouth under the impact and was sent flying into the table behind him, causing it to shatter into pieces.
Ener as powerful enough to shield himself with his energy right before the attack. Since the Potential
Energy Forces Leon gave Cynthia was only at the Initial Overlord State, he managed to survive; even so, he suffered severe
internal damage and one side of his shoulder completely went numb.
When Cynthia realized that she failed to kill Willie, she withdrew another Potential Energy Force and charged toward Willie once
again without hesitation.

“Somebody! Come and help me!” Willie was terrified and rolled off the ground to dodge the attack.
However, he was only in the Semi–Overlord State and his power could not hold a candle to the Potential Energy Force. As hard
as he tried, he could not escape the attack’s range and the energy slammed him against the wall behind.
He spewed another mouthful of blood, his injuries worsening, but he was still breathing.
“Damn it! How stubborn can you be?” Cynthia’s expression darkened.
She knew that she was at the heart of the Libertons‘ territory and that it would be impossible for her to escape. Hence, she
attacked Willie with the two Potential Energy Forces she received from Leon, intending to risk her own life to eliminate Willie.
However, Willie was a capable martial artist and had great reflexes, so she failed to kill him and disappointment could not begin
to describe how she felt at the moment.
She only had two Potential Energy Forces and used them all. With her power sealed, she was a sitting duck, waiting to be

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