The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701
“Leon!” Willie was terrified when he saw Leon.
He captured Cynthia in the hope of luring Leon into his trap but never expected Leon to arrive so soon without alerting any of the
martial artists in the Libertons Mansion.
It all seemed impossible and he could not understand how Leon accomplished it.
Naturally, he was unaware of the Soul Searcher Pills and did not know that Leon would have never gotten past all the traps in
the Liberton Mansion to find Cynthia.
“You are finally here, Leon. I’m so glad!” Cynthia was overjoyed and the despair within her instantly
vanished without a trace.
Unable to suppress her fear any longer, she threw herself into Leon’s arms and burst into tears.
“It’s okay now, Cynthia. It’s over! I am right here and I won’t let anyone hurt you!” Leon wrapped his arms around Cynthia; his
voice was soft, yet determined.
“I believe you!” Cynthia wanted to vent her emotions and pulled away with a beaming smile.
Because of the slap she received from Willie in the office, one side of her cheek remained red and swollen and Leon felt a sharp
pain in his chest when he gently caressed her cheek. “Damn it! Willie Liberton, you scum! It’s about time that we settle our
score!” Leon narrowed his eyes maliciously as he moved to avenge Ruth and Cynthia.
“You two, stall him! I will get help!” Terrified, Willie commanded the two mid–aged men behind him and instantly fled.
His father once fought Loen in the past when Leon bought his pharmaceutical firm and even his father, who was in the Peak
Overlord State, was defeated by Leon, so he dared not to dream that two men in the Advanced Overlord State could defeat
Leon. However, once he brought all the capable martial artists in the Libertons Mansion over, Leon’s death would be certain.
“You won’t escape that easily!” Leon scoffed and darted toward Willie while carrying Cynthia with one arm.
“That’s enough, brat! You shall meet your demise now that you are here!”

The two men roared and both launched their attacks at the speed of lightning.
Willie knew what Leon was capable of, but the two men never fought Leon in the past and did not know the extent of his
strength. Seeing Leon was young and his name was hardly known in the martial artists‘ community, they assumed he was not a
formidable opponent.
The two instantly decided to eliminate Leon to win the favor of Crowley Liberton.
“Get out of my way! Anyone who stands in my way dies!” Leon narrowed his eyes and charged at one of the two men.

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