The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703
“No!” The man tried to dodge the attack but focused all his power on the earlier attack and did not have any strength left to move
At the very last moment, he managed to tilt his body to the side, narrowly escaping the blow that was directed at his chest, only
for it to land on his shoulder instead.
A sharp pain shot up his shoulder and he was sent flying into the distance. After landing on the ground, he spewed blood from
his mouth and instantly lost all ability to fight.
“Know your laces!” Leon scoffed after defeating the men and was prepared to go after Willie, who ran away earlier. However, he
stilled after taking only a few steps forward and turned to ask Cynthia, “Are these two the ones who injured Spencer and
“Yeah.” Cynthia nodded.
“Good! I shall make you two pay for what you did to the Sharp siblings!” Leon sneered and strode toward the men.
“Wh- what are you doing? Don’t come any closer!”
An ominous feeling took over the two men.
“Shut it!” Leon scoffed and strode toward one of the men, before stomping onto his Energy Sea Point to destroy his power.
“Ah!” The man wailed and collapsed onto the ground.
“Now, it’s your turn!” Leon sneered and turned to walk toward the other man; the man’s heart sank with each step Leon took.
“Don’t!.” Terrified, he roared sternly, “I’m warning you! I’m one of the direct descendants of the Libertons‘ second bloodline! If you
dare to destroy my power, the Libertons won’t spare you!”
“Is that so? I don’t know what the Libertons will do to me, but I know that I’m not letting you go unpunished! “Leon scoffed and
stomped onto his Energy Sea Point as well.

Leon was never a man who enjoyed bloodshed and the two men should consider themselves fortunate that they were not killed.
Once both the men’s power was destroyed, Leon ignored them and took Cynthia’s hand to hurry outside.
In the meantime, Willie managed to escape to the yard and shouted as he ran, “Somebody! Leon, the little bast*rd is here! Help
“Leon, Willie told me that the Libertons have set up a trap to eliminate you. Maybe we should leave now and plan our
counterattack carefully,” Cynthia said.
She knew that Loen was outnumbered and it would be impossible for Leon to face all the Libertons. Since she was safe and
unharmed, she figured that it would be best to leave immediately before all the Libertons‘ martial artists surrounded them, or they
would have nowhere to run.

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