The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1705

Chapter 1705
“Also, Leon has a defensive tool that gives him the strength equivalent of a martial artist in the Peak
Overlord State! Be careful not to get tricked!” Willie reminded the others.
After the conflict when Leon bought over the pharmaceutical firm, Willie found out that Leon was a mediocre martial artist at best
and that he only managed to defeat Wade with the help of a defensive tool.
However, the two Liberton elders were both Semi–Emperor and were far more capable compared to Wade. With the help of the
other martial artists, they should be able to get rid of Leon with ease unless he reached the Emperor State.
In the southern region, Yuri and Rodney were the only ones in their generation to have reached the Emperor State; both were
the heir of extremely powerful families and possessed rare talents in martial arts.
Leon was merely a relative of the Scammells, so it seemed unrealistic to think that Leon could reach the Emperor State.
“A defensive tool? That’s just as useful as a piece of trash before us! Brother, stay put. I will destroy this kid!” The Fourth Elder
sneered in contempt.
The Fourth Elder was in the Semi–Emperor State and a tool that held the strength of the Peak Overlord State would hardly be
sufficient to fend off his attack. He stepped forward and stopped a few meters away from Leon.
“Prepare to die, brat!” Without further ado, he charged toward Leon at the speed of lightning.
“How dare you act all smug when you are this weak? Know your place!” Leon scoffed and instead of backing away, he darted
toward the Fourth Elder.
Ever since he fought Anderson and Bill in the Scammells Mansion, his level rose from the Intermediate Foundation Phase to the
Advanced Foundation Phase, meaning he had the strength equivalent to the Intermediate Overlord State. With the powerful
defensive mechanism of the Mirror of Sovereign, he could easily fend off any attack from martial artists below the Emperor State.
Since the Fourth Elder was only a Semi–Emperor and was far from reaching the Emperor State, Leon had nothing to fear.
“You will die!” The Fourth Elder sneered coldly.

Leon was wielding his spiritual power and it was impossible for one to detect which level Leon was on; however, judging from his
speed and explosive power, the Fourth Elder had determined that Leon was merely in the Intermediate or Advanced Overlord
State, which was far from the level the Fourth Elder was on, so he did not see Leon as a worthy opponent at all.
Regarding the defensive tool that Leon possessed, he was led to believe that it gave Leon the strength equivalent of a martial
artist in the Peak Overlord State, so it would be simple for a Semi–Emperor like him to tear through Leon’s defense.
The Fourth Elder strengthened his attack in the hope of defeating Leon with a single blow.

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