The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1707

Chapter 1707
“I don’t know what’s going on. Can it be that his tool holds more power than the Peak Overlord State? How is that possible?”
Willie was stunned and confused.
The strength of a tool usually remained unchanged and he assumed that the tool was only at the Peak Overlord State after Leon
was injured by Wade, yet Leon managed to defeat a Semi–Emperor with a tool at the Peak Overlord State.
It was so far beyond his understanding that he struggled to comprehend the situation.
What he was unaware of was that the Mirror of Sovereign was not an ordinary treasure, but a super treasure with power that
increased as the wielder’s power increased, which was something that Willie could not begin to fantom.
“Whatever, forget it! A tool is just a tool and there’s nothing to fear! Let’s see how far he gets with just a tool! “The Third Elder
said coldly.
The Third Elder lived long enough to develop a vast knowledge of treasure.
Both defensive and offensive tools required an incredible amount of time and energy to offer, and the utilization rate often stayed
within the range three times.
Since Leon already fended off the Fourth Elder’s attack, he would only have two chances left. So long as the Third Elder tried to
lure Leon into using the remaining defenses, Leon’s demise would be certain.
He raised his arm and ordered the other Libertons. “Go! Break his defense!”
The others immediately leaped into the air and charged toward Leon.
“Damn it!” Leon’s expression darkened.
Though the defense of the Mirror of Sovereign was nearly impenetrable, it was too small in size and could only protect Leon’s
chest area.

In a one–on–one duel, he would not fear any opponent below the Emperor State. However, the group that was swarming him
included martial artists in the Advanced and Peak Overlord State, which posed an enormous threat to him.
He was outnumbered and had to look after Cynthia, so he could not survive the attack even with the Mirror of Sovereign.
“Cynthia, hold on tight to me!” Leon roared and pulled Cynthia closer with one arm as he backed away to dodge the attacks, all
the while reaching into his pocket for a Dragon Pill and swallowing it.
He could not help but curse at himself inwardly for being overly confident; If he took the Dragon Pill sooner, he would not be in
such a difficult position.
Thankfully, he was not too late and he was determined to put the fear of God in his opponents once the Dragon Pill took effect.

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