Chapter 1708

Chapter 1708
“Leon, watch out!” Cynthia paled at the sight of all the martial artists charging toward them; she kept her arms wrapped around
Leon’s neck as her heart sank.
To protect Cynthia, Leon could not evade all attacks and was struck by a few of them. Thankfully, he was experienced in battle
and reacted swiftly to fend off the attacks with the Mirror of Sovereign to avoid suffering actual damage.
“Haha! He’s at his wit’s end!”
The Third Elder and Willie burst out laughing when they saw how discomfited Leon seemed. However, what happened next
shook them to their cores.
“Anyone who stands in my way dies!” Leon scoffed and finally started to fight back.
As the Dragon Pill took effect, Leon’s power rose to the very top of the Semi–Emperor State with rivals below the Emperor State,
and the power of Mirror of Sovereign rose to the Intermediate Emperor State as well, which made Leon far more superior the
group of martial artists before him.
Instead of backing away, he darted toward one of the martial artists, and like a wolf darting its way into a herd of sheep, a man
fell wherever he went and within a matter of moments, over half of the martial artists were defeated.
“How is that possible?!”
Willie and the Third Elder rubbed their eyes in disbelief.
It was obvious that the Libertons had the upper hand and Leon was forced to be in a defensive position. However, Leon seemed
to have transformed abruptly and turned the tables around to defeat the martial artists.
It was so surreal that they found themselves shaken to the core.
“Die!” The Third Elder sobered and instantly leaped toward Leon, before launching a punch at Leon’s back.
He did not know how Leon managed to turn the tables, but he knew that Leon took a few attacks earlier and assumed that Leon
ran out of chances to use his defensive tool.
Seeing this to be his chance to eliminate Leon, the Third Elder ceased the chance.

“How dare you attack me from behind, old twat?! Die!” Leon narrowed his eyes coldly and turned to launch a swift attack at the
Third Elder.
“Know your place!” The Third Elder sneered maliciously.
In his mind, it would be suicidal for a man with little to no power to fight him directly without the help of his defensive tool, so he
strengthened the power in his attack and sought to finish Leon off in an instant. “Die!”
Meanwhile, a few martial artists gathered their energy to form a much more powerful attack and launched it at Leon’s back.
Caught in the middle between two attacks, all paths for Leon to escape were sealed and it was too late for him to back away or
dodge the attacks.

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