Chapter 1709

Chapter 1709
“Great! Kill the little bast*rd!” Willie sneered as hope returned to his eyes.
He knew that with enemies in all directions, Leon could no longer escape no matter how powerful he was unless there was a
Just as he was absorbed in his fantasy, what happened next destroyed his last hope.
Following a deafening noise, Leon fended off the Third Elder’s attack with his spiritual energy and launched the Double Attack
with his true energy in the Initial Supreme State, sending his fists toward the Third Elder at the speed of lightning.
“T- This isn’t possible!” The Third Elder gasped in disbelief at the sight before him.
He thought that Leon ran out of time to use the defensive tool and would not be capable of surviving his attack. To his
bewilderment, not only did Leon do so with ease, he managed to launch yet another attack within a matter of seconds.
The Third Elder was still in the momentum of his first attack and despite his attempt to dodge Leon’s attack, he was helpless and
could only watch as Leon’s energy swarmed him.
“It’s over!” Amid the Third Elder’s despair, a few other Libertons launched an attack behind Leon’s back.
“Damn it!” Leon’s expression darkened.
If he proceeded with the attack, the Double Attack might injure the Third Elder, but he would also suffer injuries from the attack
behind his back as well.
Leon was hardly willing to sacrifice himself to injure the Third Elder, so he abandoned his attack and turned to take the attack
behind him with the Mirror of Sovereign.
Leon was struck in the chest, but with the powerful defense of the Mirror of Sovereign, none of the attacks managed to harm

“Is he even human?”
Willie and the others were stunned.
Though they knew that Leon possessed a defensive tool, all tools had their limits. However, not only did Leon manage to fend off
the attacks of the Libertons‘ martial artists, he even managed to survive the attacks from different directions at the same time.
None of them could comprehend how Loen did such a thing.
“Prepare to die, old twat!” Leon scoffed and turned his attention back to the Third Elder, who was the most powerful among the
group before him.
The Third Elder was the only one who posed a threat to Leon and once he was out of the picture, Leon could easily deal with the

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