Chapter 1711

Chapter 1711
“Mister Willie, this kid’s too powerful! You need to get back up!” The Third Elder reminded Willie.
“Oh, that’s right!” Willie snapped out of the initial shock.
Though Leon displayed incredible strength, he was in the Initial Emperor State at best.
They were in the heart of the Libertons Mansion with countless capable martial artists and the head of the first and second
bloodlines were both extremely formidable.
If Willie could get to the front yard to seek the others‘ help, Leon’s demise would be certain.
He immediately shouted at the remaining martial artists who could still fight and said, “Stall Leon! I’m going to get help!” He then
darted off and ran toward the front yard with all his might.
“Trying to run? Not so soon!” Leon scoffed and leaped into the air with one arm around Cynthia to go after Willie.
“That’s enough, kid!”
The other Libertons immediately stood in his way.
“Get out of my way!” Leon roared and flung his arm, sending a giant wave of energy toward them.
“He’s too strong!‘
“Attack the woman in his arm instead!”
The Libertons knew that they were no match for Leon and decided to target Cynthia instead to buy time for Willie.
“Don’t you dare!” Leon was furious when he noticed that the martial artists were planning to attack Cynthia.
He set Cynthia down and stood before her, before charging at his opponents. Amid his rage, he attacked with full force and the
Libertons soon found themselves wailing on the ground with their limbs broken.
If Leon was not a merciful man who did not enjoy taking lives, they would have never survived.
“Cynthia, let’s go!”

Once all the Libertons were out of the way, Leon wrapped his arm around Cynthia once again and hurried after Willie.
Willie took advantage of the time and arrived at a garden near the center of the room.
Just then, Leon caught up with him and sent three daggers piercing through the air in Willie’s direction.
“Somebody, help!” Terrified, Willie rolled on the ground to dodge the daggers, but was far too weak compared to Leon; despite
his effort, he only managed to dodge two of the daggers and the last name struck him at his knee.
He gasped in pain and fumbled, before collapsing onto the ground.
Leon leaped into the air and appeared before Willie within a matter of seconds. Before Willie could get up, Leon stomped his feet
against Willie’s chest and pinned him down.
Feeling as though a gigantic rock landed on his chest, a piercing pain overwhelmed Willie as his ribs were broken and he
immediately spewed blood from his mouth.

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