Chapter 1713

Chapter 1713
“You wouldn’t dare!” Leon’s expression darkened and he immediately stood before Cynthia protectively.
After taking the Dragon Pill, his power level rose and he had no fear for anyone in the Intermediate Emperor State or below.
However, the Libertons outnumbered him and if they swarmed at him to capture Cynthia, Leon might not be able to protect her
on his own.
“This is your last chance, kid. If you know what’s best for you, you’ll let Willie go right now and I might consider sparing your life,
or I’ll make sure that you die screaming!” Crowley threatened.
Since Willie’s life was hanging by a thread, Crowley was concerned that Leon might choose to risk everything, so he tried to
negotiate with Leon with the hope that he could convince Loen into letting Willie go.
“That’s not happening! No one takes a step forward, or I’ll kill Willie! We both lose!” Leon said coldly without care for Crowley’s
He already told Iris to seek help from the Scammells before coming. Since the Scammells were yet to arrive, he could not attack
the Libertons out of concern for Cynthia’s safety, so he could only use Willie to stall.
“Very well! You asked for this! If you dare to hurt Willie, you and your woman will die for it!” Crowley’s expression darkened as he
lost patience.
Since Leon was outnumbered, Crowley predicted that Leon would not get rid of Willie so soon and decided to gamble, or the
situation would only be more challenging once the Scammells arrived.
“Go! Capture that woman!” Crowley raised his arm and commanded as he lurked behind the others, searching for a chance to
rescue Willie.
The Libertons instantly surrounded Leon and Cynthia.
“Damn it!” Leon paled and his heart sank as he realized that he had no choice but to fight.
“How the mighty have fallen for the Libertons to bully a junior with such a big group! Crowley, have you finally lost the last bit of
your dignity?!”

Just then, a roar echoed in the air.
Patrick strode in with thirty Scammells martial artists along with Benedict, George, and the others.
“The Scammells are here! Great! Cynthia, hold on tight!” Leon beamed. He grabbed Willie with one arm and Cynthia with the
other, before darting toward Patrick.
“Where do you think you are going?”
The Libertons realized that Leon wanted to regroup with the Scammells and immediately tried to stop them.
However, Leon’s speed rose along with his power and before they had the chance to stop him, he already charged out of the
encirclement and arrived by Patrick’s side.
“Hurry after him!” Furious, Crowley urged the other Libertons.
The two parties stopped right when they were five meters away from one another and stared at one another.

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