Chapter 1714

Chapter 1714
Once Leon regrouped with the Scammells, he let go of Cynthia.
“Cynthia, are you alright?”
Both Benedict and Harvey were relieved and instantly hurried over to check on her.
“I’m fine. Why are you all in the southern region, Grandpa?” Cynthia was shocked to see her family here.
“We came to deliver herbs to Leon and dropped by to see you,” Benedict explained, before scanning her up and down.
Once he and Harvey confirmed that Cynthia was indeed safe and unharmed, they visibly relaxed.
Meanwhile, Leon dragged Willie toward Ruth and George, before tossing him before Ruth roughly. “Ruth, I’ve brought the man
who insulted and hurt you here! Do whatever you want to him!” Leon said.
Ruth once reminded him to keep Willie alive because she wanted to seek revenge on her own, which was one of the reasons
why he did not kill Willie.
“Great! You’re brilliant, Leon. You never disappoint!” Ruth said cheerfully.
Willie, who was arrogant and powerful, was now at Leon’s mercy and the sight pleased Ruth to the point that she felt the pain in
her body lifting.
“Ruth, you can’t even walk properly. Should I help?” Leon said.
“It’s fine! I need to do this myself!” She insisted and grabbed an iron rod from one of the Collins before hopping her way forward
with George’s help.
“W- what are you going to do with that?” An ominous feeling took over Willie when he saw the iron rod in her hand.
“What do you think? Gimpy, you broke my leg, and now I’m paying you back in double!” She said coldly, before raising the iron
rod and aiming at one of Willie’s legs.
“Don’t!” Willie’s blood ran cold and he tried to get away, but Leon pinned him down against the ground, so he resorted to seeking
help from the Libertons. “Grandpa, help me!”

“Stop!” Crowley roared before Ruth could strike.
The Libertons desperately wanted to help, but could not act recklessly when Willie was at Leon’s mercy.
The situation changed now that the Scammells arrived because Loen no longer had to watch over his back for Cynthia’s safety
and if the Libertons attempted to rescue Willie by force, Leon might kill Willie in a fit of rage.
“Who are you to tell me what to do, old man? Who do you think you are? Why should I listen to you?” Ruth. scoffed and struck
Willie in the knee without hesitation.

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