The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718
Crowley and the other Libertons glared at Loen darkly when they heard his terms.
‘How dare he use Willic to threaten us into kneeling to him and leaving the southern region? Does he think that we would accept
these terms?‘ Crowley thought.
“Brat, don’t think that you can do whatever you want simply because you’re holding Willie hostage! If you want war, I will give it to
you! Everyone, get Willie out!” Unable to suppress his rage any longer, Crowley commanded the Libertons intending to rescue
Willie by force.
“I’ve given you the chance, old twat! If you won’t take it, you can’t blame me for what happens next!” Leon scoffed and picked
Willie off the ground like he was lifting a ragged doll.
“Wolf, wh- what are you doing?” An ominous feeling took over Willie.
“It’s simple. I sending you to hell!” Leon said ruthlessly.
“What?! Y- You wouldn’t dare! If you dare to hurt me, Grandpa is going to kill you!” Willie was terrified,
However, they were in the Libertons Mansion and Leon was outnumbered, so he assumed that Leon was only scaring him and
would not dare to kill him.
He regained his composure and swore inwardly that he would tear Leon into shreds once he escaped.
“Willie is right! Leon, if you hurt him, you and the Scammells will all die!” Crowley roared. He, too, thought that Leon was simply
bluffing and would not harm Willie unless he wished to die.
“You’ll find out if I’m bluffing soon enough! Willie Liberton, you can die now. I hope you become a better man in your next life!”
Leon narrowed his eyes coldly and landed a powerful blow at Wille’s chest.
Following a deafening sound, the energy on his fist pierced through Willie’s chest, leaving a fist–sized hole.

“You-” Willie widened his eyes in shock and lowered his gaze to the hole in his chest, before collapsing onto the ground; up until
the moment he died, he still could not believe that Leon would kill him.
“H- How’s this possible?”
Everyone in the scene was utterly stunned by the sight as they stared at Leon in disbelief; none of them could believe that Leon
would actually kill Willie despite being at disadvantage and they were all shocked by his recklessness.
“Leon, you little bast*rd! I’m going to flay you alive!” Crowley lost his composure and roared in rage, before leaping into the air to
launch a mighty blow at Leon; his power pierced through the air like a lightning and conveyed his determination to tear Leon into
shreds for revenge.

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