The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722
Jaws dropped when Benedict and the others saw how swiftly Leon defeated the six Libertons.
They stood in shock as they gaped at Leon in disbelief.
To their knowledge, Leon was in the Advanced Overlord State before he left Springfield City, yet to their bewilderment, he made
another great leap of strength in a month to the point that even the combination of two martial artists in the Peak Overlord State
and four martial artists in the Advanced Overlord State could not defeat him.
Everything pointed to the conclusion that Leon likely reached the Semi–Emperor State.
Martial artists often required years of hard work to reach the next power level, but Leon reached the Semi- Emperor State from
the Advanced Overlord State in a month.
Instantly, everyone was stunned.
Meanwhile, Crowley was furious when he saw how Leon injured Wade and the other Libertons.
“You little bast*rd! I’m going to kill you!” He roared and attempted to launch himself at Loen, only to be stopped by Patrick.
“Crowley, take this!” Patrick roared and struck toward Crowley.
In ordinary families like the Scammells and the Libertons who owned methods in the Basic Power class, the Initial Emperor State
was the best that one could achieve. However, with the help of Leon and his Thousand Gods Method, Patrick managed to reach
the Intermediate Emperor State, which made him stronger than Crowley.
Considering the rivalry between the Scammells and the Libertons that lasted for years, he wished for nothing more but to
eliminate Crowley.
“You asked for this, Patrick!” Crowley was enraged by Patrick’s interference and cast the thought of seeking revenge against
Leon aside, before focusing his energy on Patrick instead.

Their energy slammed together and Crowley remained unmoving, whereas Patrick was forced to take a small step backward
under the impact.
“The Intermediate Emperor State? You are in the Intermediate Emperor State as well?! How is that possible?! “Patrick’s jaw
He focused on telling Leon to run and did not pay much attention to Crowley’s energy. It was not until their energy clashed that
he realized Crowley reached the Intermediate Emperor State as well and it completely caught him off guard.

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