Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724
“Is Leon going to fight his opponent with the Potential Energy Force?”
Benedict and George studied the confidence on Leon’s face and realization dawned on them.
They all saw what the Potential Energy Force was capable of and witnessed the scene where Leon defeated Orvald Lapwood
with it.
However, despite the terrifying power of the Potential Energy Force, it was merely a tool and not Leon’s true power and none of
them knew if Leon had other tricks up his sleeves.
“Die, bast*rd!” Fergus closed in and sneered viciously as he charged at Leon.
“You dare to flaunt when this is all you are capable of? Know your place!” Leon scoffed and struck.
“You must want to die, kid!” Fergus narrowed his eyes ferociously.
Since Leon was wielding his spiritual energy, Fergus could not determine Leon’s power level but jumped to the conclusion that
Loen was at the Semi–Emperor State judging from his speed and explosive power.
Hence, he assumed that Leon was foolish for facing him directly and strengthened his attack with the determination of crushing
Leon with a single blow.
“It’s over!”
“Has Leon gone insane?”
Benedict and George were stunned and their hearts sank.
They were confident that Leon would use the Potential Energy Force against his opponent and were all surprised that Leon
decided to face Fergus with his power.
Leon was only in the Semi–Emperor State and could not possibly rival Fergus, who was in the Initial Emperor State.
Instantly, their hearts were filled with concern.

“Kill the little bast*rd!”
Contrary to the others‘ concern, Crowley and Wade were both excited. They both resented Leon and kept their eyes trained on
him the entire time in the hope that Fergus would kill him.
Before they could celebrate their imagined success, what happened next shook them to their core.
Fergus’s powerful energy pierced through Leon’s attack and the remaining power rushed toward Leon.
Leon titled his body to take the blow with the Mirror of Sovereign, before launching the Double Attack with his true energy in the
Initial Supreme State at Fergus’s chest.
Fergus spewed blood from his mouth under the impact and was instantly sent flying off to the distance; a sharp pain pierced
through his chest and he realized that Leon broke at least a few of his ribs.

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