The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727
Contrary to their despair, Wade was overjoyed and beamed. “Great! It’s over!”
He knew that Leon possessed a defensive tool, but he assumed that it only contained power at the Peak Overlord State, which
could not possibly withstand the attack from a martial artist in the Intermediate Emperor State.
Believing that Crowley would split Leon in half with his attack, all the Libertons were excited.
Once Leon was eliminated, the Scammells would be at an absolute disadvantage and would be powerless before the Libertons..
However, what happened next caused them to freeze in shock.
Crowley’s energy struck Leon in the chest but did not injure Leon or even move him at all.
“You’re the one who is going to die, old man! Take this!” Leon scoffed and seized the opportunity to strike back.
“Wh- What on earth is this?!” Crowley gaped as he did not imagine in his wildest dream that Leon would be able to withstand his
If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would have never believed it to be true.
He was at the end of his momentum and had no time to dodge Leon’s counterattack.
As Leon struck, Crowley refused to accept his fate and titled his body to the side at the very last moment to prevent Leon’s
attack from hitting his chest.
Following the sound of bones breaking, Leon’s fist landed on his shoulder and sent him flying into the distance.
Crowley spewed blood from his mouth and the bones in his shoulder were completely shattered. Fortunately, he managed to
survive by taking the blow with his shoulder instead of his chest.
“How’s that possible?!”

Everyone at the scene, including Benedict, George, and the Libertons, was stunned by the undeniable strength Leon displayed.
They all thought that Leon was bound to die, but were amazed by the miracle they witnessed before them.
For some reason, Leon managed to withstand the attack and turned the tables around by injuring Crowley instead, which shook
everyone to their cores.

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