The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1730

Chapter 1730
Leon’s second wave of true energy sent Crowley flying and he lay sprawled across the ground with blood oozing from his mouth.
“Wh- What just happened?” He muttered.
Just as Leon tried to deliver the finishing blow, Crowley released a bag of transparent powder that had no color or scent.
“The Veratrum poison!” Leon’s expression darkened as he recognized that it was the Veratrum poison, which combined the
poisonous properties of multiple plants. He immediately held his breath, but it was already too late.
He already accidentally inhaled the powder, so he immediately pressed into the compression points around his chest and
shoulders to seal them, actively preventing the poison from infiltrating his organs.
“Haha! I didn’t expect you to know about the Veratrum poison. Not bad!” Crowley coughed and glared at Leon with a ferocious
He happened upon a recipe claimed to be for the Veratrum poison a few years ago, and was slightly surprised that someone as
young as Leon would know about the poison.
“Crowley, so the Libertons were the ones who poisoned Damian!” Patrick was enraged as he marched over with the other
Ever since Damian was injured by the Libertons, his legs slowly became paralyzed and Leon diagnosed that it was caused by a
poison named Veratrum poison, so Patrick assumed that the Libertons were not involved.
It was not until this moment that he realized the Libertons were the ones who poisoned Damian.
“That’s right! I just meant to test how effective the poison was, and it did not disappoint!” Crowley fumbled to get up despite the
pain of his injuries.
He happened upon the Veratrum poison and did not know if the recipe was true, so he experimented on Damian and since all
the symptoms Damian showed afterward matched with the ancient record of the poison, Crowley decided that the recipe he
obtained was real.

“It’s just a slow–acting poison! It’s foolish of you to use this poison against me, old twat!” Leon scoffed.
He knew that the Veratrum poison was a slow–acting poison that was invented in ancient times that could lead to a slow, but
definite death. There was extremely hard to treat because the symptoms were hard to notice and there was no official antidote
for it; however, the poison took effect for years and the victim would not be in life–threatening danger until one to two years after
being exposed to it. With everything that Leon inherited from his ancestor, he could easily remove any poison from his body as
long as he was not killed on the spot.
“Who told you that it’s a slow–acting poison? Let me tell you the truth. The poison I dosed you with isn’t the Veratrum poison, but
the Deadly Veratrum poison! Unlike the ordinary Veratrum poison, this poison kills its victim immediately!” Crowley sneered

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