Chapter 1731

Chapter 1731
“What? So you added blood sage and motherworts inside!” Leon was shocked. After that, he pinched up a bit of the Deadly
Veratrum poison on his body to observe it, quickly seeing that there was added blood sage and motherworts.
Veratrum poison had Veratrum inside, it was something that both reacted against and enhanced the sage.
With the blood sage working with the Veratrum and against it, it can quickly trigger the poison within the Veratrum poison!
As for the motherwort, it was quite a rare and valuable spiritual herb. It was also a dark and cold herb.
If used in medicine, it was an amazing herb that could save the lives of many!
However, when applied to poison, the motherwort was able to increase the poisonous properties of the Veratrum poison tenfold,
causing the blood to choke up the body, becoming fatal!
“How did you know I added motherwort and blood sage?” Crowley was shocked.
The Libertons were medical suppliers, so he knew many of his products like the back of his hand!
Ever since he obtained the recipe for the Veratrum poison, he researched it carefully for two years, and only found out not too
long ago that adding blood sage and motherworts could greatly increase the effectiveness of the Veratrum poison, causing it to
be a fatal one!
On top of that, since two additional ingredients were added to make it so potent, he called it the Deadly Veratrum poison!
In the end, the Deadly Veratrum poison was something he made by enhancing Veratrum poison. He only created it not too long
ago, and it was his first time using it.
He could not figure out how Leon managed to figure out he added motherwort and blood sage instantly!
It far exceeded his expectations!
“Brat, I don’t care how you found out! Now that you’ve already been hit by the poison, there’s no cure for you! Just quietly wait for
death!” Crowley said in a cold and sinister voice, feeling incredibly happy!

Motherworts were a very rare and valuable herb. It was something highly sought after, and the Libertons only managed to obtain
it half a year ago after much effort!
Since it was so valuable, and he failed a few times during his research, he only managed to make two bags of the Deadly
Veratrum poison!
It was precisely because he had very little of it, on top of the fact that he assumed that he would easily be able to get rid of Leon
and the Scammells, that he did not use it against Leon for so long!
On top of that, poison was taboo in the martial world. It was something many of the righteous ancient martial arts families
regarded as despicable and sinister!
Anyone who used poison against others could easily attract the animosity of the other ancient martial arts. families.
Even the Dragon Corps restricted its usage!
So, the Deadly Veratrumpoison was just a trump card he held that he did not dare to use so easily!
It was because he was backed into a corner that he used the Deadly Veratrum poison against Leon out of desperation!
As long as he could get rid of Leon, then the Scammells were nothing to be afraid of!

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