Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733
“Who said that there is no cure for the Veratrum poison and the Deadly Veratrum poison? Others might not be able to cure it, but
it’s incredibly easy for me to do that!” Leon said calmly.
He was at an incredibly important point in reversing the poison. He just needed to stall for as much time as possible!
“Brat, you sure can brag! Who do you think you are, to be able to cure the Veratrum poison?!” Crowley laughed in an
exaggerated manner.
The Veratrum poison was ancient, and it was amazing because there was no cure for it!
An insignificant young man like Leon wanting to cure the poison was just completely delusional!
“You’ll know very soon if I’m bragging or not! Uncle, come over and let that old dog see if I have the ability to cure it or not!” Leon
sneered before motioning for Damian to walk over.
“Damian’s legs have been healed? H–how is this possible?!” Seeing Damian walk over without any problems, Crowley was
shocked. His jaw almost dropped to the ground!
Damian’s legs slowly got crippled after getting poisoned by the Veratrum poisons, he knew about that!
Half a month ago, Damian was confined to a wheelchair.
Yet, he never expected Damian’s legs to have already been healed in just that short amount of time!
That meant the Veratrum poison in Damian’s body was cured.
It was obvious how shocked he was!
“There’s nothing impossible about it! Old dog, I bet you never expected me to be lucky enough to meet Leon! Let me tell you,
Leon’s an amazing doctor. No one can compare to him when it comes to medicine. He can even bring back the dead! Others
might not be able to cure your poison, but it’s not difficult for him at all!” Damian said with a sneer.
“What? That’s impossible!” Crowley was completely shocked to hear that!
He never expected that someone as young as Leon was actually a master doctor, and even could cure Veratrum poison!

Veratrum poison was amazing because there was no cure for it. Even he did not know how to cure it despite being the one to
administer the poison!
Yet, Leon was able to easily cure it!
“Old dog, have you realized that I wasn’t just bragging now?! The Deadly Veratrum poison’s attributes are more or less the same
as the Veratrum poison, I was easily able to cure the Veratrum poison, so how could Deadly Veratrum poison do anything to
me?!” Leon said with a cold smile on his face.
Crowley was speechless. He was thoroughly stunned. He lost all his earlier pride and bluster!
“Leon, does that mean you’re already fine now?”
“Is the poison in your body already cured?”
Iris and Cynthia were both ecstatic. They smiled, and the worry in their heart completely disappeared.
“Of course!” Leon said confidently.
Even though he said that he was still trying to push the poison out in secret, using Ghost Point to slowly expel the poison in his
It was just that no one noticed anything wrong with him.
“How could this be?” Crowley’s expression darkened drastically.
He thought that, since Leon was poisoned, he would be able to take the chance to get rid of Leon and the Scammells!
Yet, Leon’s poison was already cured. Naturally, he no longer dared to act so recklessly.
Suddenly, he found that his heart sank completely. He did not know what to do!

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