The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734
“Crowley, he’s just trying to scare you! The poison in his body hasn’t been cured at all. Don’t fall for it!” Fergus suddenly said at
that moment.
“What do you mean?” Crowley was taken aback before he turned to look at Fergus.
“Just think about it! If the poison in his body is gone, why would he be standing there and wasting so much time talking to us?!”
Fergus said.
“That’s right, uncle is right! Dad, the Deadly Veratrum poison is so much more poisonous than Veratrum poison. Even if he’s able
to cure Veratrum poison, he might not be able to cure Deadly Veratrum poison! On top of that, it’s not that easy to cure poison.
He hasn’t done anything, so how could he cure himself so quickly?!” Wade agreed hurriedly.
“Yes, you’re right!” Crowley looked like he just woke up from a dream.
“That’s right! Brat, you were just trying to trick me! Everyone, attack! Get rid of them!” Crowley realized something. After that, he
wasted no time issuing the order to attack.
Under Crowley’s orders, the experts of the Libertons prepared to attack!
“This is bad!”
Patrick, Benedict, and the others had a sudden change in expression.
Hearing what Fergus and Wade said, they realized as well that Leon was probably not being entirely truthful!
If there were no surprises, the poison in Leon’s body was probably not cured yet. Leon did not have the time to do it!
Other than that, they were only able to stand up to the Libertons just now mostly thanks to Leon’s skills, injuring both Fergus and
However, with Leon already poisoned and their weaker forces, there was no way they would be able to stand up to the assault
from the Libertons!

In other words, they were like fish on the chopping block!
Suddenly, they were no longer just worried about Leon. All of them help their hearts sink hopelessly!
At that moment, Leon suddenly clutched his chest and spat out a mouthful of black blood!
After his expulsion, most of the poison was already flushed out of his body by Ghost Point, dispersing into the air!
As for some of the remaining poison, he used his spiritual energy to push it out. The black blood was the remaining poison in his
With that, the poison in his body was completely cured, and his body was healthy again.
“Brat, you were curing yourself in secret!”
Crowley’s expression changed dramatically at that sight, finally understanding that Leon stalled for time to cure himself!
However, he did not know if Leon managed to completely cure himself or not!
“Haha, you’re right. I was curing myself! However, it’s already too late for you to realize that!”
Leon laughed as he stood up imperiously, looking at a completely different person from earlier!

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