The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735
“Leon, has the poison in your body been completely cured?”
Feeling the change in Leon’s body, Benedict, Patrick, and the others looked happy.
The feeling of despair in their hearts was quickly replaced with hope!
“Yes, it’s all cured!” Leon said with a nod.
“That’s great!”
Patrick, Benedict, and the others were ecstatic. They breathed a sigh of relief.
In contrast to the happiness from the other side, Crowley, Wade, and the others felt their hearts sink.
They witnessed Leon’s skills just now. He had an intermediate Emperor State defensive treasure. No one on their side was able
to face him!
They planned on taking the chance to eliminate Leon and the Scammells while Leon was injured.
Yet, none of them ever expected that Leon somehow had the skills to quickly cure himself of the Deadly Veratrum poison at the
most important moment!
It was a complete miracle!
It was obvious how they felt at that moment!
“Old dog, you dared to use such a sinister trick as poisoning me. You’re completely despicable! It’s time for us to settle the
score!” Leon looked at Crowley with a sharp gaze as he said coldly.
“Brat, don’t be so arrogant! We failed to kill you with the poison, but that’s just because you got lucky! You won’t be so lucky after
this!” Crowley bit back.
“What a joke! If you think you can then come on and try. I want to see what the Libertons can do today!” Leon smiled coldly as he
looked at Crowley in disdain.

“Alright, you asked for it! Attack! Kill this guy no matter what!” Crowley waved and motioned for his men to attack.
Even though Leon was skilled and had an amazing defensive treasure, they still had the numbers advantage!
When it came to numbers, they were far in the majority!
It was hard to tell who would win in the end!
With Crowley’s order, the experts from the Libertons started to launch all their attacks right at Leon.
“Leon, we’ll help you!” Patrick waved and prepared to send the Scammells over to help Leon deal with the Liberons!
“No need! Grandfather, help me protect Iris and the others. Just leave all of them to me!” Leon said.
He had the Mirror of Sovereign with him. There was no way anyone from the Libertons could break through his defenses.
It was impossible for him to lose. He did not need any help.
Furthermore, after the battle just now, over half of the experts from the Scammells sustained some injuries.
It was better for them to stay back and keep Iris, Cynthia, and the others safe so the Libertons would not be able to take
“A–alright then,” Patrick hesitated for a moment before he agreed. However, he, Benedict, and the others looked worried.
After all, the Libertons had around forty to fifty men on their side. Leon wanting to deal with so many himself would not be easy!
There were quite concerned that Leon would not be able to win!
However, with things as they were, they were forced to put their hopes on Leon!
There was no other choice!

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