The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736
“Get lost! I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way!” Without the need to worry about anything else, Leon let out a cold shout as he
charged forward, going straight for the Libertons.
“You ignorant buffoon! No matter how powerful your treasure is, it’s just an accessory! You plan on going against us with a single
treasure. How idiotic!” Crowley let out a sinister laugh, and there was a glint in his eyes.
He knew that most treasures were limited in use. Most treasures could only be used three times at most!
Earlier, he struck Leon once. If there were no surprises, the treasure on Leon’s body would be able to last two more times at
As long as his family’s experts could use up those two times, Leon’s true abilities were only at the Semi Emperor State. It would
be very easy for the Libertons to get rid of him!
Of course, it was not just him. Fergus and Wade thought that way as well!
None of them thought that Leon’s treasure would be able to protect Leon an unlimited number of times.
That would not make sense!
However, before they could even finish the thought, something that shocked them happened!
After several intense clashes, Leon decided to ignore defense, since he had the Mirror of Sovereign. He focused on attacking
Like a thunderous war god, he struck out at the Libertons, and no one seemed to be a match for him!
In just a moment, around seven or eight of the experts were sent to the ground, losing the ability to fight!
They thought that Leon’s defensive artifact would have three uses at most!
Yet, even after Leon suffered several blows, he did not seem injured at all!
It completely went against their knowledge of treasures!
It was obvious how shocked they were!

“Dad, what do we do now? This guy’s treasure is just too strange. It seems limitless in use! If this continues, we’ll lose!” Wade
said frantically, his heart completely sank.
Leon’s Emperor State treasure was able to defend against attacks at the intermediate Emperor State and below. On top of that, it
was limitless in use. There did not seem to be a way to defeat him!
The experts from the Libertons could not even get through Leon’s defenses. It was pointless no matter how many men they had!
“Libertons, listen here. Retreat!” Crowley immediately decided to retreat.
With his order, the Libertons started to quickly run back to Crowley with looks of fear on their faces.
Taking the chance, Leon pursued his opponents, taking down a few more before he stopped.
“Old dog, it’s your turn now! Prepare to die!” Leon sneered as he pointed at Crowley.
After that, he shot forward, rearing his fist with immense force as he started to charge toward Crowley.

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