Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740
“Alright, you asked for this! Since you want to die so much, we’ll grant you your wish! Go ahead and die!” Crowley said furiously.
Right after that, the Libertons finished gathering the energy for their attack. They quickly launched it forward, and it shot at Leon
with imperious might.
“You don’t know your place!” Leon sneered, and the Cuff of Doom appeared in his hand.
After that, he waved and unleashed its might. An incredibly powerful force started to shoot out at the Libertons‘ attack!
“Crap, Leon was too reckless this time.”
“We’re done for!”
Patrick, Benedict, and the others looked unhappy.
The Scammells in particular all failed to notice that Leon held the Cuff of Doom since Leon stained it gold!
All they knew was that Leon was practically asking to die with this attack!
Suddenly, their hearts collectively sank!
The Libertons were completely different. All of them sneered as they looked at Leon like he was a dead man!
Their attack this time was even stronger than the one that hurt Leon before. It even exceeded the advanced Emperor State, and
was practically on the level of the peak Emperor State!
It would be able to handle Leon easily!
They did not think that Leon could stand up to such a strong attack at all!
However, before they could even smile, something that shocked everyone present save for Leon happened!
With a thunderous explosion, the power of the Cuff of Doom clashed with the Libertons‘ attack!

After Leon’s offerings, the Cuff of Doom’s spiritual energy already reached the peak of Emperor State. It was also unrivaled at
that level!
It was already not far away from the Semi Almighty State!
An attack that strong was not something the Libertons could handle!
Right after that, the Cuff of Doom’s power immediately broke through the Libertons‘ attack, and the remaining power rushed right
at the Libertons!
Since Fergus and Crowley were at the helm, they were sent flying, as if they dealt a heavy blow.
After that, all of them spat out mouthfuls of blood. They were all sprawled out on the ground.
As for the experts that were toward the back, they were in a slightly better condition.
All of them paled, having been struck back a few steps by the force.
“H–how is this possible?!”
Benedict, Patrick, and the others were stunned by the sight.
All of their jaws dropped. They could not believe their eyes!
They thought that Leon would not be able to turn the tables. They felt like there was no way he would be able to stand up against
the collective attack from the Libertons!
Yet, Not only did Leon manage to do that, he even injured his opponents!
He alone was enough to send Crowley and thirty to forty experts from the Libertons flying!
Was that not unbelievable?!
If they did not witness it for themselves, they would never have believed that it happened!

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