Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741
“I–Impossible! This can’t be happening!”
Crowley, Fergus, and the others clutched their chests in pain as they looked at Leon in complete shock and disbelief.
With a few of them working together, the attack was incredibly strong. It was almost at the peak of Emperor State!
It should have been incredibly easy to get rid of Leon with that attack!
However, they could not understand what happened. They injured Leon by working together just now, so why did the situation
suddenly change? They were the ones to be injured instead!
It was just unbelievable!
They found themselves suddenly deep in shock. It was hard for them to accept such a cruel truth!
“Alright, that’s amazing! Leon, you’re just amazing!”
“This is a miracle!”
When Patrick, Benedict, and the others went wild when they recovered from their shock. They were incredibly excited.
It seemed that the situation was all over for them!
Yet, Leon managed to completely turn the tables by himself. It was a miracle!
It immediately caused their emotions to surge!
Only then did they understand that Leon told the truth when he said he would eliminate the Libertons. He did not run his mouth!
They underestimated Leon, and looked down on Leon too much!
“How did this happen?”
As opposed to how happy and excited the side of the Scammells were, the Libertons looked incredibly ashen!
That collaborative attack was the final trump card for the Libertons!

Their most powerful attack did nothing against Leon. What waited for them was death!
Crowley, Fergus, and Wade faced the attack from the Cuff of Doom head–on just now. Many of their bones broke. They even lost
the strength to struggle!
At that moment, they could not help but fall into complete darkness and despair!
“It’s time for us to settle the score!” Leon said coldly as he walked toward Crowley, Fergus, and Wade.
Every step he took was like a hammer right onto their hearts!
“W–what do you want? Don’t come closer!” The three of them said fearfully, struggling to get up.
However, they were just too heavily injured. They did not even have the strength to stand up!
“What do you think? Since ancient times, we’ve never involved innocent kin in conflicts. The Libertons have gone against
righteousness, and have employed evil and despicable methods! I’ll send the three of you to hell. You’ll be joining Willie!” Leon
said coldly with a murderous look in his eyes.
The three of them were completely frightened.
Even ants treasured their lives, let alone humans!
Furthermore, the Libertons were rich and powerful. They still had many moments of luxury to enjoy. They naturally did not want
to die!

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