Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743
At that moment, Damian quickly led the experts from the Scammells over, capturing the experts from the Libertons.
Even though those experts were not heavily injured, Crowley, Fergus, and Wade already had their strength taken away. On top
of that, Leon was just too strong, so the battle was already decided.
All of them looked incredibly distraught. No one dared to fight back in case they risked angering Leon and the Scammells!
“Leon, what do we do with these Libertons?” Damian asked.
“For what happened this time, the direct descendants and the elders of the Libertons were the main culprits. Cripple their
strength and exile them from the Southern Region! As for the others, give them three days to sell their assets and leave the
Southern Region. They’re never to return!” Leon said coldly.
Blame should be assigned to those who deserved it.
He knew that most of the experts were just following orders. The Libertons were just a regular ancient martial arts family. They
were not some cult of evil.
He merely punished the ones at fault and did not punish everyone too harshly.
It was already incredibly merciful!
The experts were all stunned to hear that. They could not believe their ears.
They thought that they would not be able to avoid the fate of having their strength crippled and being kicked out of the Southern
They never expected Leon to be so generous, even allowing them to sell their assets!
It was already an incredible gift!
Suddenly, they felt incredibly emotional!
The next moment, all the experts from the Libertons started to kneel in front of Leon one by one. It made for an impressive sight!

“Thank you, Mister Wolf, for showing us mercy.”
The Liebrtons all thanked him emotionally.
It was not just them, even Crowley, Fergus and Wade had complicated emotions.
Even though they already hated Leon to the bone for killing Willie, Leon acted in an upright manner, not hurting any innocents.
His generosity and demeanor left them quite impressed.
At that moment, they even started to regret going after Leon for the sake of Cyntion Group.
Otherwise, Willie would not have died, and the Libertons would not have fallen so far!
However, it was already too late for any of those regrets!
“Leon, just leave the rest to me and Damian. You were injured just now, go back and rest,” Patrick said with concern.
“Yes, alright,” Leon nodded. After that, he prepared to leave with Benedict, Iris, and the others.
They quickly walked over.
“Leon, they say that people can change in the blink of an eye, and I guess it’s true! We’ve only parted ways for a month or two,
but you’ve already become so strong! It looks like I was right about you!” Benedict lamented with pride and appreciation.
When he first got to know Leon, Leon was only a poor and insignificant man in Springfield City.
After that, with the help of the Shears, Leon established Cynthion Group, and slowly got stronger step by step!
At this point, Leon did not only become the king of Springfield City, he even just toppled an ancient martial arts family in the
Southern Region by himself. His skills were unfathomable!
He could not help but be shocked at Leon’s growth!
Of course, it was not just him, the other elders were as well.
Elder Young in particular worked with Gilbert to forcibly split Iris and Leon apart due to a misunderstanding. The Youngs were
almost destroyed because of it!

Thankfully, fate was kind. Leon loved Iris deeply, and ended up getting back together with Iris in the end, saving the Youngs!
He was quite thankful that he realized things in time. Otherwise, he would not only have ruined Iris‘ happiness, but he would
have missed out on such an excellent son–in–law as well!

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