Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744
“Elder Shear, you’re too kind. I’m just a bit luckier than most!” Leon smiled humbly at Benedict’s praise.
After that, he called for everyone, “Alright, the matter is already settled. Let’s all go home.”
At that moment, Iris suddenly walked to Patrick. She said with some hesitation, “Grandfather, my paternal grandfather, and my
dad have come to the Southern Region to see you.”
“What?” Patrick was shocked to hear that. His expression immediately turned serious.
“Elder Scammell, it’s been a while,” Elder Young went forward with Gilbert and greeted Patrick.
As for Gilbert, he was still too embarrassed to see Patrick after what happened with his wife, Priscilla. His head was lowered the
whole time, and he did not dare to meet Patrick’s gaze.
“Why are you in the Southern Region?! You’re not welcome here!” Patrick shouted angrily, looking at Gilbert with fire in his eyes.
He pinned the blame for his daughter’s early death all on Gilbert. There was naturally no way he would regard Gilbert kindly at
“Elder Scammell, please calm down. The Youngs have been at fault for Priscilla’s early death. This time, I brought Gilbert here to
apologize,” Elder Young said sincerely.
Even though Priscilla’s illness was not caused by the Youngs, Priscilla still married into their family. They were still somewhat
responsible for not taking care of her properly.
“Stupid child, quickly, kneel and apologize to Elder Scammell. Get his forgiveness,” Elder Young kicked Gilbert’s leg at that.
Gilbert immediately knelt in front of Elder Scammell.
“Father–in–law, I was at fault for Priscilla. I failed to take care of her. Please forgive me,” Gilbert apologized.
“Impossible! Gilbert, you don’t have to act so fake. I don’t care about you! It’s already over between the Scammells and the
Youngs. Don’t appear in front of me anymore. I don’t want to see you ever again!‘ Patrick shouted angrily.

In truth, he knew that his daughter was just unfortunate with her health and that Gilbert was not entirely responsible for it.
However, Gilbert never came to the family to apologize after his daughter’s death and never brought Iris over before.
Gilbert’s avoidance and his lack of responsibility was the real reason he was angry!
Almost twenty years passed since the incident, and his anger for Gilbert festered more and more. There was no way he would
forgive Gilbert that easily!
“Elder Scammell, Gilbert is at fault for this. Please, just give him a chance to make up for it for Iris’s sake!” Elder Young hurriedly
pleaded sincerely, hoping to resolve things between the Scammells and the Youngs.

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