The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745
“Elder Young, you don’t have to speak up for him! A true man has certain ways he should act! If it wasn’t for Iris, I would have
properly taught him a lesson today for the sake of my departed daughter! In the end, the matter is already in the past. My
daughter’s life was short, and I don’t want to blame him or the Youngs for that. However, I won’t forgive him for being so
cowardly and irresponsible!” Patrick said coldly.
After that, he turned around and ignored Elder Young and Gilbert, angrily walking toward Damian and the rest of the Scammells.
“Elder Scammell!” Elder Young opened his mouth but did not know what to say. All he could do was watch as Patrick angrily
walked away.
“Dad, he’s not willing to forgive me. What do we do now?” Gilbert said.
“What else can we do? From tomorrow onwards, kneel in front of the Scammell household and repent until Elder Scammell is
willing to forgive you!” Elder Young said.
He knew that Gilbert was at fault for it, and was completely irresponsible!
As long as Gilbert was more sincere and was willing to show his regret, then he felt like Patrick would probably forgive Gilbert for
Iris‘ sake.
“What? But, what do I do if he refuses to forgive me?” Gilbert’s expression soured at that.
“That won’t happen! As long as you’re sincere enough, I’ll have Iris and Leon put in a few good words for you. Once Elder
Young’s anger cools down, he’ll probably not make things too hard for you. In the end, you’re the one who’s at fault here. You
have to do your best and try whether or not you obtain their forgiveness in the end!” Elder Young said coldly.
“A–alright then,” Gilbert said bitterly. Submitting to Elder Young’s instructions.
After that, Leon and the others went back home while Patrick and the Scammells stayed back to deal with things.
In the next few days, since the Scammells and the Libertons had both been medical suppliers, most of the Liberton assets were
sold to the Scammells.
The Scammells managed to get quite a few valuable materials from the warehouses of the Libertons.

They handed the more valuable ones to Leon. On top of the materials that Benedict brought from Springfield City, the materials
were more than enough to fulfill Cynthion Group’s needs!
After getting enough materials, Leon used the one to two–hundred–year materials to make tens of thousands of first and
second–grade Energy Nurturing Pills.
After that, they started to sell it through both the branch companies under Cynthion Group, temporarily solving the supply issue.
As for the materials that were above three hundred years and five hundred years, Leon stored them for a rainy day, planning on
using them for the second sales drive of Cynthion Group.
On the other hand, Leon used a third of the Angel Fruit in the next few days to help repair Elder Young’s crippled Energy Point,
recovering Elder Young’s power.
As for Ruth’s leg, she quickly started to recover under Leon’s expert care. She would probably completely recover soon.
Other than that, Gilbert knelt in front of the Scammell household for three days to express his sincerity under Elder Young’s
On top of that, Iris and Leon put in many good words for Gilbert, causing Patrick and the others to calm down much more.
After that, for Leon and Iris‘ sake, Patrick forced himself to forgive Gilbert, but he was still not very kind to Gilbert.
Nonetheless, Gilbert was already satisfied with forgiveness. He did not dare to ask for more.
With that, the problem that accumulated between the two families for so many years was finally settled.

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