Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746
During the morning, since Elder Young already regained his strength and Gilbert already gained the forgiveness of the
Scammells, both of them accomplished their goals.
The two of them, alongside Benedict and the others, bid their farewells to Leon before getting ready to leave the Southern
Region and go back to Springfield City.
In the courtyard and the villa, Leon, Iris, and the others were all present, alongside those from Springfield City as well. Everyone
was saying their final goodbyes.
Iris, Cynthia, and the other girls all had reddened eyes at the fact that their elders were leaving. They felt a bit reluctant and sad
to part.
“Ruth, it’s just too dangerous staying in the Southern Region. Why don’t you come back with me to Springfield City?” George
said after some hesitation.
Even though he hoped that Ruth would be able to stay by Leon’s side to learn and train so she could lead the Collins to greater
heights in the future, Willie breaking Ruth’s leg gave him quite a shock.
He realized that the Southern Region was full of impressive figures. The various ancient martial arts families around made the
place much more dangerous than Springfield City!
For the sake of Ruth’s safety, he could not help but want to bring Ruth back.
“What?” Ruth was shocked to hear that.
After that, before she could even say anything, Leon stepped forward to speak.
“Elder Collins is right! Ruth, you’re already almost at the Semi–Overlord State. You aren’t far from reaching the Overlord State! I
feel like you can go back to Springfield City with Elder Collins. There’s no reason to stay here and suffer with us,” Leon hurriedly
Initially, George and he reached an agreement to help Ruth get to the Overlord State within three years. That was the main
reason why he was willing to bring Ruth with him to the Southern Region.
Ruth was already almost at the Overlord State, and he taught Ruth the other half of the Mysterious Maiden Method.

As long as Ruth worked hard and trained, she would be able to get to the Overlord State before too long!
Then, he would have fulfilled his promise to George!
“No, I’m not going back! Stupid Leon, are you trying to chase me away because you don’t like me?” Ruth glared at Leon angrily
as she said.
“It’s not that!”
Leon’s face darkened before he said, “I just don’t want a princess like you to suffer in the Southern Region with me.”
“Oh? Is that so? Then why aren’t you asking Cynthia and Iris to leave? Why does it have to be me?!” Ruth said in annoyance.
Leon found himself a bit speechless.
Iris was his girlfriend, so she naturally needed to be by his side.
As for Cynthia, there was no way she would be willing to go back!
“Iris and Cynthia are different! How about this, why don’t I have Snow go back with you to Springfield City?” Leon said after some
“What?” Snow did not expect to get pulled into this, and she felt incredibly annoyed.
“Leon, are you trying to kick me out with Ruth because you find me to be an annoyance?” Snow immediately glared at Leon.
“I’m not trying to chase you away, I’m just doing this for your sake!” Leon said. He wanted to explain things, but Ruth interrupted
him before he could even start.

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