Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747
“I don’t care if you’re doing this for our sake! In the end, if we’re going to leave, then we’ll all leave together. If you and Iris aren’t
going back to Springfield City, then I definitely won’t!” Ruth said with a firm expression.
Leon had that amazing Spiritual Pearl that could greatly increase the speed of a martial artist’s training
With her incredible talent in martial arts and her fanatic love for training, there was no way she would leave Leon’s side!
Furthermore, after being with each other for so long, she already felt very close to Iris, Leon, and the others. She already got
used to living there, and she did not want to leave.
“Why would you do that?” Leon sighed at Ruth’s resolve, but there was nothing she could do.
“Ruth, are you not coming back to Springfield City with me?” George asked again.
“Yes, I don’t want to go back for now! Grandfather, I know you’re just worried about my safety here. Don’t worry, Leon is very
strong. With him protecting us, we’ll all be fine!” Ruth consoled.
“Alright then!” George hesitated for a moment but agreed in the end.
After what happened with the Libertons, he already witnessed Leon’s immense skills. It would not be too hard for Leon to protect
Ruth and the others.
He felt like Ruth’s leg being broken by Willie must have just been an accident.
There was no need for him to force Ruth back for something so minor.
Since Ruth did not want to leave, he would respect Ruth’s choice.
“Snow, what about you? Are you planning on staying in the Southern Region, or will you come back with me?
At that moment, Vincent suddenly asked.
“I don’t want to go back either!” Snow shook her head and said.
She knew that her father was quite worried about her getting married in recent times. If she went back to Springfield City with
him, she would be constantly pestered to get married!

Rather than being subjected to that, she decided to stay in the Southern Region instead. At least, she would be able to spare
herself some nagging.
“It’s not like you can stay in the Southern Region, but you need to hurry up and find a boyfriend,” Vincent immediately saw
through Snow’s thoughts. He was prepared to continue nagging, but he suddenly seemed to think about something.
After that, he turned to look at Leon and asked with some expectation, “Mister Wolf, I asked you to help Snow find a boyfriend
before. Has there been any interest for her?”
“Yes, there has! The heir of the Thompsons, Yuri, seems to be-”
Leon wanted to continue talking about Yuri when he suddenly felt an incredibly cold wave of murderous intent coming from
behind him!
He turned back and immediately met Snow’s ice–cold gaze. There was an incredibly threatening look on her!
He could not help but shudder and swallow his words!
“Seems to be what? Mister Wolf, why aren’t you continuing?” Vincent said in confusion.
“Oh, it’s nothing. I just wanted to say that there are a lot of excellent young men in the Southern Region, but Snow’s beauty is not
something anyone normal can match up to! If there’s the chance, I’ll do my best to help her find an amazing boyfriend,” Leon
said with a dry laugh.
“Alright then, I’ll have to trouble you for that,” Vincent nodded, not noticing anything odd about Leon.

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