The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748
“Alright, it’s getting late, we should take our leave! Leon, we’ll leave Cynthia and the others to you. I hope you’ll pay some more
attention to them when you’re free. Make sure to protect them properly,” Benedict did not forget a few parting words.
“Yes, we’ll leave Snow and Ruth to you,” Vincent and George agreed.
“Yes, Elder Shear, don’t worry. I’ll protect them well!” Leon promised seriously, but he could not help but feel some pressure.
After Charlie tried to manipulate the second line of the Scammells, he found out that the Southern Boss had his eyes on
Cynthion Group and the Energy Nurturing Pills.
With the power and influence of the Southern Boss, he was Leon’s biggest enemy!
Earlier, he asked Snow and Ruth to go back to Springfield City because he wanted to protect the two of them. He did not want
them to end up getting dragged into this.
However, Snow and Ruth seemed adamant against leaving, so there was nothing he could do!
Of course, he was still part of the Platinum Dragon Guard now, so he was not someone to be trifled with!
If it was just the Southern Boss, it was still not enough to scare him!
Since Snow and Ruth did not want to leave, then it was fine. He would not force them.
After that, Benedict and the others drove off under the gazes of Leon, Iris, and the others.
“Iris, I have something to give all of you,” Leon suddenly thought of something once they had left. After that, he took out four
intricately made little boxes and gave them to the four girls.
The small boxes were only the size of a thumb. The material seemed nothing like wood or metal. It had a
small little hole the size of a needle in front.
“Leon, what is this?” Iris and the others were incredibly curious at the sight of the boxes.
“This is a mechanical box. Two needles inside each box have had Deadly Veratrum poison applied to them. They are fatal if they
stab anyone,” Leon explained.

After obtaining the Deadly Veratrum poison and the recipe from Crowley, he felt like ti was not realistic to mass produce the
poison since motherwort was so rare! Furthermore, there was only one bag of Deadly Veratrum poison. It would not be that
useful if he could only use it once!
To make sure it was as useful as possible, he had a sudden thought. He used a special method to dissolve the poison into liquid,
coating them over dozens of needles!
Those needles became incredibly terrifying hidden weapons!
Compared to the Deadly Veratrum poison’s original application, the needles were much more amazing!
However, the only thing that was lacking was the fact that the Deadly Veratrum poison was more powerful.
As long as anyone smelled it, they would be poisoned. So it could kill without any signs!
Meanwhile, the needles needed to hit the enemy for it to be fatal!
Both had their merits!
“What? So there are poisonous needles inside!” Iris and the others were shocked to hear that.
They knew how potent and poisonous the Deadly Veratrum poison was. No one expected that Leon would put it into a hidden

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