Chapter 1752

Chapter 1752
After Gordon returned to his office, there was a knock on his door not too long later. After that, professional female secretary
dressed in back clothes walked in.
“Miss Lynn, do you need something?” Gordon could not help but ask.
“Mister Bailey, I got notification from security that there are three young people from Elegante Group here to discuss working with
the Hughes Group,” Sarah Lynn reported.
“What? Could they be from the Thompsons?” Gordon quickie stood up in shock.
Even though Darius already told him that the Thompsons could be coming to sign the contract, it was an agreement between
Yuri and Darius two days ago.
Since the Thompsons did not show up for two days, he thought that they might not show up this day as well.
Yet, right as Darius left, someone came over to talk about working together.
It was just too much of a coincidence. It surprised him quite a bit!
“I’m not sure, the man calls himself Leon, the chairman of Elegante Group. I don’t know if he’s related to the Thompsons,” Sarah
answered truthfully.
“Elegante Group?” Gordon frowned, looking a bit uncertain.
The name Elegante Group sounded quite foreign. He never heard about it within the market at all, so he did not know if they
were from the Thompsons!
Furthermore, the Hughes were the largest distributor in the Southern Region. Many companies wanted to work with them!
There was no way to determine if they were from the Thompsons just because they wanted to talk about working together!
However, for the sake of safety, he needed to go see them regardless of whether or not they were from the Thompsons. He
needed to find out who they were!

“Miss Lynn, have the guards send them to the guest room. Make sure to treat them well! I’ll go see them. right now!” Gordon
“Yes,” Sarah answered before leaving.
In the guest room, Leon and the others walked in after being brought over by the guard and Sarah.
“Mister Wolf, please wait here. Mister Gordon will be right over,” Sarah smiled politely. After that, she poured Leon, Snow,
Roanne, and John some tea, making sure to treat them well.
“Yes, that’s fine. Thank you,” Leon thanked her with a smile.
Not long after that, they heard some footsteps outside. Gordon walked over in his suit with two of the company’s executives
behind him, entering the room.
Right after that, Leon and the others stood up to greet them.
When she saw Gordon, Snow’s face suddenly changed dramatically. Her mind suddenly went completely blank, as if it exploded.
Gordon was the same. When he saw Snow beside Leon, his expression immediately stiffened!
“Mister Wolf, let me introduce you, this is our company’s vice manager, Mister Bailey.”
“Mister Bailey, this is Elegante Group’s chairman, Mister Leon Wolf,” Sarah made some introductions, not noticing the strange
“Mister Bailey, hello. I’m Leon.”
Leon did not notice Snow’s strange demeanor either. He had a friendly smile on his face.
However, before he could even finish, Gordon interrupted him.

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