Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753
“Snow, it’s been a long time! I can’t believe I’m meeting you here!” Gordon said in disbelief. His eyes were fixed on Snow,
completely ignoring Leon.
“Snow, do you know this guy?” Leon was shocked to hear that.
After that, he looked at Gordon before looking at Snow again. He looked curious, unable to figure out how Snow know the man.
“I don’t know him! He’s just a scumbag!” Snow’s face paled. She bit down on her lips as her eyes completely frosted over. She
slowly regained her calm.
“A scumbag?” Leon was taken aback, completely confused by Snow’s answer.
“Snow, what happened in the past was all my fault, but I had my difficulties too,” Gordon said with a sigh. There was a
melancholic look in his eyes.
Thanks to his handsome looks, made him look quite attractive.
“Difficulties? Who are you trying to fool with that?!” Snow said coldly. Her eyes were full of disdain.
The person in front of her was no one else but her university classmate, Gordon. He also happened to be her ex–boyfriend!
She studied in Sky County during her university days. With her stunning looks, some many rich scions and heirs were after her,
and Gordon was one of them!
Back then, Gordon pursued her for over two years before she was moved by his sincerity and accepted his advances.
Initially, it was quite a good relationship.
However, she discovered that Gordon had other women behind her back out of coincidence, and he even had several
relationships could at the same time. He was just despicable!
She was furious and immediately broke up with Gordon before leaving the university and going back to Springfield City.
It was precisely because Gordon’s betrayal hurt her so deeply that she started to view men with after that.
Until she met Leon.

Leon treated everyone with sincerity and had a very good character.
Thanks to Leon, she slowly recovered from the trauma of her past relationship and regained her smile.
However, she never expected to meet Gordon in the Southern Region!
It exceeded all her expectations, and caught her completely off guard!
“Snow, I’m serious. I’ve never forgotten you,” Gordon said stubbornly.
The Baileys were one of the older ancient martial arts families of the Central region. However, due to the bad management of
their businesses, the family ended up crumbling apart. They headed to their doom a few years ago!
For the sake of the family, he managed to attract the eldest daughter of the Hughes behind Snow’s back.
The Hughes were one of the major families of the Southern Region, and were much more powerful and influential than the
After successfully establishing a relationship with the Hughes, he was forced to let go of his feelings for Snow, and let Snow
leave the Central region to return to Springfield City!
However, since he was not with Snow for that long, their relationship only lasted for half a year, and he was never able to try
Snow out, thanks to Snow being quite conservative!
It was something he deeply regretted!
Yet, he happened to meet Snow at that moment. So, the feelings he buried for so long started to stir again!

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