The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754
“Snow, so he’s your ex–boyfriend!” Leon realized.
He knew about how Snow was hurt romantically before.
Listening to the conversation between the two of them, he quickly got the gist of the situation.
“Snow, who is this guy? Could he be your current boyfriend?” Gordon shot a sharp look at Leon as his expression sank.
Leon gaped. Before he could even answer, Snow quickly seized the initiative.
“That’s right! He’s my current boyfriend!” Snow did not even think about it before she quickly grabbed Leon’s arm, deliberately
acting incredibly close to Leon.
She would not be embarrassed!
Due to Gordon’s betrayal, she was filled with hatred and disgust for Gordon!
If Gordon found out that she did not even have a boyfriend, then it would be absolutely shameful!
So, she was forced to use Leon to save her face!
Snow’s words were like a bomb that almost blasted Leon and RQanne away.
Of course, they were not the only ones who were shocked. Gordon was too!
Earlier, he was just guessing. He could not believe that Leon was Snow’s boyfriend!
“Snow, don’t speak nonsense, I-”
Leon wanted to say something after he snapped back to reality, but he was quickly met with a helpless and pleading expression
from Snow.
After that, he immediately understood that Snow was using him as a shield to protect her dignity.

So, he swallowed back everything he wanted to say.
“Snow, I can’t believe you’ve been regressing so much in life! You found yourself such a trashy boyfriend. I think you’re just
resigning yourself to settling for someone lesser!” Gordon’s expression was incredibly sour. He looked at Leon with jealousy and
Romantic rivals were always the worst, after all. He was Snow’s ex–boyfriend, while Leon was Snow’s ‘ current‘ one. There was
no way he would treat Leon nicely!
Furthermore, he was never able to even touch Snow’s body in the past, but Leon might have already made a move and gotten
The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He was about to explode from the jealousy!
“You’re the trash! Even a single toe of Leon’s is a hundred times better than a scumbag like you!” Snow coldly mocked.
“Him? What a joke! He’s just an insignificant fly. I can kill him without even lifting a finger!” Gordon scoffed, looking at Leon in
Even though he did not know who Leon was, Leon seemed a few years younger than Snow. He looked like a man Snow was
paying to keep around!
There was no way Gordon would bother with someone like that!
“Mister Bailey, we came over this time because he wants to work with Hughes Group! Please watch your mouth, otherwise, don’t
blame me for being rude!” Leon’s eyes immediately turned cold.
Personal relationships were a private matter. He did not know what happened between Snow and Gordon.
He was an outsider and did not want to interfere.
However, with Gordon aiming things at him and insulting him so much, he was already furious!
If not for the fact that Elegante’s collaboration with the Hughes Group was very important, he would have already slapped the
man in the face!

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